Monday, 6 July 2015

Elpitha Answers Beauty Samples FAQ from Companies

One thing I will never understand that I have come across when buying beauty products is why companies and their sales staff are so tight with them. I'm lucky enough to have lived in the UK and Greece and to have visited other countries and I have noticed this reoccurring pattern with the way sales assistants dish out beauty samples. This blog is dedicated to all beauty companies and of course some buyers such as myself.

What is great about samples?

Samples aren't a bad thing they are free advertisement and something that makes customers appreciate your company more. The amount of times I have bought products because of samples I have received, these are products that I would never have bought myself. Around half the products on my shelf are there because of samples. Samples are a great way for customers to try out products without having to buy them and then buying the full size product and mostly it will be at least 3-5 times.

How many samples should I be giving away?

I have noticed that in most places depending on how much you have bought that is how many samples they will give you and IF they go to the effort to actually ask you if you want some. First of all you should not be asking customers if they want them, just place them in their carrier bag. Worst comes to worse they will give it to a relative which again is advertising. I think regardless of the amount they spend you should be giving samples. There are times I go and buy one product that might cost 2.00EU for example however next week you will find me in the same shop spending 100.00EU. It just depends you can not say for sure how much a customer is spending, so do not judge them on that. I do think a great idea is to find out more about them or make a summary in your head. Look at them are they wearing makeup, do they look like someone who wears cream etc. What are they buying? According to these questions give them suitable things and as many as they will need.

Will it increase my sales?

Yes, it will! As long as you have a good product but at the end of the day not everyone is happy with the a certain product. I have reviewed a cream before that the rest of the bloggers who received it said it was the best cream and I said it is the worst - people are different. It will help your company become familiar with your brand and your style. If they do not like it because it smells too much of roses one day their friend might say ''I love the smell of roses.'' to which the other person will say ''You will love this brand then, it was too much for me the smell, here I have a spare sample.''

What should I create samples of?

Anything that you can create a sample of. You should always have a wide range of samples. If there is maybe a product that is not doing well in its sales or a new product you need to promote make sure you create triple the amount of samples and dish out double the amount. They will more than likely use it long enough to like it or pass it to several friends. If you feel its necessary attach a leaflet to the sample where the customer can read about the product.

How to Encourage your Sales Assistants to Reward a Customer with them?

Encourage them to place in each bag one of each sample you have, if they see a mother and daughter shopping together to give samples to each of them etc. A lot of sales assistants pretend they are dishing them out when in reality they are keeping them for themselves. Send a relative or a friend to buy something every now and then to check if the sales assistants are sticking to the sample routine you have advised them on. Place a target for a product that you are promoting that month and if they hit the target by allowing the customer to sample (in most cases) they will be rewarded. Alternatively if this is not an option then place samples inside your packaging. I used to buy a shampoo that inside the box it came in there used to be a sample for another product from their line. Excellent marketing right?


Saturday, 4 July 2015

Le Petit Marseillais Aloe Vera range

Le Petit Marseillais is a French company that aims to bring you great quality bath products at low prices. You can usually find these products at your local supermarket (in Greece) or your local beauty store. They are not actually that expensive, you can usually buy the products for less than 10.00EU and trust me one of your local stores will have an offer running with these. I have tried these products before however I did not really like them, this new range is very different and in my eyes appears to have a completely different formula.

This new range has been designed for sensitive skin types and is a hypoallergenic product. In this new range they have brought out 3 new aromas which the main ingredient for each of them is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera for anyone who does not know is a plant that many use its inside gel when snapped in half for sunburn, rashes and pretty much everything else that is sensitive skin types will react to. It really does make sense that this is the main product for this new range. The range that I have received is aloe vera with almond which smells absolutely fantastic. It has a very discreet sweet smell and is great for anyone who hates products that smell too much and also like products that will help their perfume stand out more rather than their body lotion/shower gel.

The shower gel is a great big  650ml size that is great for anyone who likes to use a lot of shower gel or tends to share their shower gel with their whole family. The body lotion is 250 ml which is smaller compared to the shower gel however the body lotion has a milk like texture which does not consist of applying much anyway. If you do not believe me that you will love their scent all I can suggest is going to your local store and opening the lid to check out the smell. If you are lucky enough you should be able to find a tester also for the body lotion.


Thursday, 2 July 2015

July Fashion Inspiration 2015

Dress - New Look 
Shawl - Etsy (Shovava)
Shoes - KG by Kurt Geiger
Bag - YSL 


Saturday, 27 June 2015

Lacoste Light Piq Trainers

The very first time I got my first pair of Lacoste shoes was when I was 13-14. My dad had gone to Athens and at the time I was living in the UK. I asked him to bring me something good back from Glyfada since I knew the shops at the time where always designer and super expensive and believe it or not at that age I was a shopaholic dreaming of buying my first Louis Vuitton bag. He brought me back these white Lacoste ballet pumps which were much nicer than you can imagine. I was in love and I wore them all the time, they never once broke and since then I realized that Lacoste has a great quality shoe that is long lasting.

I recently saw on Spartoo these new Lacoste Light Piq trainers that look beautiful and comfortable. I couldn't resist not sharing these with you and telling you a little more about them. I would say these are definitely a smart urban choice for anyone who wants to rock the Metropolitan style. This shoe is combined with different types of material however most are synthetic but who cares cruelty free is better!

What I love about these shoes are that they have the classic crocodile logo on the side that represents the French brand and they are super stylish and can be worn on a night with a pair of jeans/chinos. Check out all the super colours they have for each pair very pastel and summery.

Which do you think is best?

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Scrub and Moisturize your Skin with Messinian Spa

Summer is here so that means if you are not scrubbing your body already then you need to get a move on. Messinian Spa has brought to us some fantastic products that really do smell like a Mediterranean spa. Their main ingredient on most of their products I noticed is organic olive oil and the smells/other ingredients are always Mediterranean related products. Today I am going to bring the Mediterranean to your room with these beautiful scented products.

It is hugely important that you scrub your body every time you are in the shower as it will help exfoliate your skin, improve your blood circulation and polish it. I would suggest you use scrubs that come in a tub format as in the photograph. The squeeze body scrubs (that usually come in bottle like containers) tend to be more watered down. Based on my experience I can guarantee you that the tub scrubs are always a better formula regardless of the brand. This body scrub is actually for your face also. What a great 2 in 1 product! It contains prickly pear and dittany and it smells like heaven, yes that is right heaven. The texture of it is super thick and is packed full of mini microbeads to help exfoliate every inch of your skin. Remember with the thick scrubs you only usually need a little bit and you can spread it out whilst massaging it on your skin.

Of course what comes after exfoliating? Moisturizing! Especially if you have had a hot bath those pores of yours are going to be open and what a great time to quickly moisturize them. I would suggest using a thick body butter, again only a little bit and quickly massaging that all over your body. You could even apply it to your skin and then wrap yourself up in cling film to create a heat treatment. As you can see in the photograph this body butter is super thick and it contains lemon and fig. Please trust me when I see that these both smell amazing. For some reason the scents seem to remind me of my childhood growing up in Athens. I am looking forward to reviewing these products.

What is your favourite scrub and body butter?