Archipelagos Breeze Items and a Game of Thrones Competition

There is a lovely shop in Athens that specializes in making handmade sterling silver items and other works of art. This shop has its own online Etsy Shop which you can find HERE and a Facebook page that you can also contact them and see the items they sell HERE. This shop has been running for over 30 years in the center of Athens and has quite the experience on making different items using the Greek philosophy of crafting. Please do check them out!

Here are the two lovely items they sent me that i adore !!!

Competition !!!
I am a huge Game of Thrones fan so i wanted to reward my readers with a special gift in celebration for the new season beginning. One lucky person will win a House of Lannister inspired sterling silver ring and all you have to do is follow the instructions below ! 

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Oriflame The One Makeup Range

I was sent a lovely parcel last week from Oriflame that contained their new makeup range called The One. The package contained a foundation , a concealer , powder , two cream/powdery eyeshadows , mascara , eyeliner and a lipstick. In the makeup look you will see further down i would like to note that for the look i used everything apart from the lipstick and one of the cream eyeshadows which was a beige colour. Here is your first look at some of the range and keep a look out for some reviews coming very soon. I was very impressed with the foundation so far :) 

What do you girls think  of my blue smokey eye look ?!

My second experience with laser treatment

Girls for any of you who are reading this article and are not sure what i am talking about please click here to see the first article. I have basically started hair removal on my bikini area and i am blogging my experience every visit.

So how did it go ?! Omg this time it hurt girls and it hurt a lot , so much that i had to ask the woman to stop the treatment for a while. She told me it hurts me a lot due to the fact i am naturally tanned which means my melanin is really high and harder to burn the root of the hair and thats why it hurts. ( i hope i explained this all well). My point is i had numbing cream on and i still hurt, can someone please tell me what the pain would have been like if i didnt have the numbing cream on?! 

My skin down there got burnt really bad afterwards and it looked as if the skin had been burned off rather than the hair root. Now im not sure if this is considered to be normal but the woman did tell me that i will be burned afterwards. I was really shocked this time, some patches of my bikini area had been totally burned that the skin was red and bleeding. I decided to order a cream that i knew would work wonders and that is Weleda Calendula cream. Its a cream that has been made for nappy rashes etc something like Sudocream but more herbal. I applied this all over the area after of course i had washed the area and left it to dry. It helped soothe the area really well. My appointment is next week but i am thinking about postponing it for another two weeks just to make sure the skin has healed itself really well. Last but not least the good news is hair is refusing to grow !!! :)
Thats all for now girls , please do let me know if you girls have experienced anything similar or if you have any questions. 

Weleda Birch Set

 Even though i am not a huge believer on cellulite creams there is only one set that i will give my money for and actually believe in and that is ...
The Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil and Body Scrub.

The birch cellulite oil may say that it is for cellulite but what i love about this brand is their honesty. Underneath it mentions on both products it is used to improve skin tone and appearance - not to vanish cellulite because lets be honest girls if there was such a product im sure we would have been all cellulite free. 

I have used this set in the past and have noticed a difference in skin appearance. I absolutely love this for my thighs, bum and stomach , it is a must have for summer just to help give you that extra confidence boost. If you go to your local store that sells Weleda products they should give you a sample of the oil , do try it and then buy it if you like it. I recommend you use the body scrub everytime you shower and then once you have dried off use the oil on the areas you want to tackle as soon as you come out of the shower whilst your pores are still open from the heat. You could even use the oil as a cellophane treatment.

The oil costs 25.94 euros HERE 
The scrub costs 12.94 euros HERE

Neutrogena Hand Cream and Lip Balm Review

I was sent some lovely smelling items a couple of weeks ago by Neutrogena, a lip balm and a hand cream from the new collection that contains nordic berries. They both have a very discreet yet refreshing smell , it almost reminds me of ice tea. Both of the products are white coloured and come in very nice waterproof packaging.

The lip balm does not leave any residue on your lips or any colour what so ever. It has a lovely non greasy feel to it that helps keep your lips moisturised and nourished for extreme weather conditions. It is easily absorbed by the lips and the formula is not too heavy. 

The hand cream is a lighter texture that has been made for dry hands and it helps enhance your skins hydration for up to three times more leaving them soft and nourished. This cream has a such a weird texture to it that when you are applying it on your hands it doesnt feel like cream. It feels like you are rubbing your hands with soft velvet. Its a really nice cream for someone who does not like heavy formulas and greasy formulas. Great for daily use and both of the items i have mentioned today come at very friendly prices. 


My Shoe Wishlist

Lately i have been obsessing over shoes even more than usual and i am starting to feel the need to create a huge cupboard full of shoes , im trying to fight this feeing and not give in to being a shoeholic. Here are a few of my picks that i would like to have by summer! 

Which pair of shoes did you like best ?

Indian Healing Clay

I truly believe every country has their own beauty secret speciality and i always love trying them out. When i saw this on Iherb what straight away caught my eye was the words ''healing clay'' and of course the 4.5 star reviews and the amazing feedback people were leaving for this product. I actually expected this to be much smaller and guess what its not! Its super cheap and super good! 

The most amazing thing about this clay is the after feeling, you almost seem to get this tighter skin feeling as if you have had a facelift. Me and my boyfriends sister tried this so this whole post is based on both of our opinions. The only bad thing about this clay is that when mixed it has lumps , we tried stirring it with a fork, with our hands and even the end of a paint brush but still nothing. I think thats because it is the real deal and is just like mud. 

This masks mentions that afterwards you might get redness or irritation and that it is normal , me personally i got none my boyfriends sister told me her skin was red afterwards. Guys dont worry if you see any redness afterwards , its normal for this mask. The great thing with this mask is that you dont need a lot so it will last long and it costs only 3-4 euro. 

(before,during and after the mask... my skin glows more)

This clay claims that it helps vanish blackheads which a lot of the reviews mentioned they saw a huge improvement in their blemishes and cleanses really deep your skin. I love it and i have my boyfriends sister hooked on this who told me she wants me to order one for her now. Seriously girls go check it out!! 

Kyana Hairspray and Conditioner Review

Today im going to talk to you about a product i have fallen in love with and about another that didnt really fit my needs. 
Kyana Lac Herboria Max is a lovely hairspray that is ecological and has no gas. The honest truth when i first saw this i was sure i would like it because its ecological but i wasnt so sure about the lasting power. My hair is fine and easily loses its shape if you dont apply good hairspray on. My boyfriends sister sat and curled all my hair and put a normal dose of this hairspray on my hair and omg i could not believe it! All night my hair stayed the way it was styled and the great thing with this product is that it looks natural and doesnt give you that fake plastic hair look. The next day when i woke up my hair still looked freshly styled. This hair spray is a very light formula that gives great hold i recommend this to all of you girls , im really pleased with this product and im really grateful i got a chance to try this out! 

Kyana Raspberry Conditioner for all hair types i didnt feel did much for my hair. The bad thing with all hair types hair products is that its hard to cater for every persons hair because we all have different needs from our hair. My hair needs softening always so i try to buy a conditioner or a mask that helps hydrate my hair to make it super soft. I felt that with this there was no hydration and no shine provided to my hair. This product just didnt work for me , im sorry Kyana !!!

What did you girls think of these products ?

Spring Nail Colours

Just a few of my favourite colours for Spring!

Essie- Bikini so Teeny
Essie- Tour de Finance
OPI- Red my Fortune Cookie
OPI- Melon of Troy 
Avon- Inspire


My first experience with laser bikini !

About a week or two ago i decided to go ahead and get laser done for permanent hair removal. I am sick to death of having to wax and shave everytime and especially for someone like me who lives in Greece and the beach is always there or even the swimming pools in my case. That early morning call where you are asked to go to the beach or to a local swimming pool by friends and you are last minute trying to shave or wax or whatever else everyone does. Well STOP. According to laser treatments and my doctor in 3 months time about 70% of the hair will be gone. For some girls maybe all the hairs will be gone for others you may need some extra treatments it depends all on your skin colour , your hair colour and your hormones. 

So here is my experience and my tips for any of you girls thinking about getting laser done on your bikini area. Find out from your friends a good dermatologist they go to to get their laser treatments or ask around who is the best with the best and latest laser equipment. Then go one day to discuss what it is exactly that you want done and any other questions that you may have. Book an appointment and ask about a cream called xylocream which helps numb the area for all sorts of reasons but in our case laser. A lot of you will be thinking as i was , does it hurt? What really got me confused was the fact that my tattoos have all been done without numbing cream so i was thinking how much could it really hurt - of course i wasnt going to risk it so i applied it as told. My doctor told me one hour to apply all over the area that you are getting laser done on and then 15 minutes before apply another layer. The pain was like something tweezing your hair at a fast speed (i felt that with the numbing cream) . 

There is a woman who specializes in doing the bikini laser at my doctors office, it also helps you feel more comfortable which is great news. It took about 15 minutes i would say the whole process and afterwards you feel a bit of a sting ... that kind of feeling you get once you have applied a perfumed cream on an area that has just been waxed. A lot of my friends that i talk to about this treatment tell me that they feel too shy to go obviously and take their underwear off but at the end of the day girls, these doctors are used to seeing women coming all the time and getting their bits out. Just think of the results. I also forgot to mention before you go you have to shave  3 days before and then they burn the roots of the hair and until the next appointment these hairs should slowly start falling out and then grow back in , in time for the next appointment. 

How much ? I paid 70 euro the first time i went and then the second time is free. For 3 months i will be going 6 times in total and everything should cost me about 210 euro. The xylocream costs 11-12 euro from your local chemist. My second appointment is next week so im looking forward to blogging about this whole experience and to tell you girls if it is really worth it. So far im very pleased!
Have you had laser done ?

Naked Urban Decay Flushed Review

I have lots of blushers and bronzers but i must say this really was a blusher that i dont regret buying and that was worth every penny that i gave. Lets first of all begin with the fact that this blusher has a bronzer, a pink blusher and a highlighter in the palette so it pretty much has three different types of makeup in one container. They are not minis either they are good generous portions of makeup which is super good because if you just want to use lets say the highlighter your makeup brush can easily fit on to just get from that product. 

The bronzer is like a contour colour its a lovely brown shade that will compliment any skin colour. The highlighter has a lovely shimmer in it which really helps tone your cheek bones etc if you notice on my photograph i have attached you can see it gives a lovely shimmer effect to my nose, cheeks and forehead. The blusher once again has a very natural look to it even though it might look like it is super bright. 

When i apply the bronzer i use my powder brush which i sweep through every colour and then depending on my makeup look i apply extra blusher or extra bronzer if needed to bring the perfect balance to my face. I absolutely adore this blusher and it is one of those products that makes me feel like i wont be needing any other blusher/bronzer because the tones are so natural that they can easily be built up for a more dramatic effect. 

Have you tried Urban Decay product ? 

Empties Part Two

These are my empties for the winter season as you can see below! I had lots of ups and downs with some of the products and yet with others it has been constant love. 

Favourite: Bioten Facial Cleanser, Aim Toothpaste and Juicy Couture Perfume !!!
Least Liked : Fresh Line Facial Cleanser! :( 

Thats everything girls for the winter season, i look forward to my spring empties!

Drugstore Haul

I rarely shop from local supermarkets beauty products, i tend to just order them online. Since it had been a while i decided to go and get some items to stock up, hope you enjoy my mini haul!

Pom Pon - makeup wipes
Bioten- facial cleanser 
Clearasil- facial gel wash 
Clean and Clear- morning energy facial scrub 


Greek Carnival 2014

The last three days have been constant partying and dressing up, which has been so much fun. The bad thing about times like this is that when its all over you are just left with depression. Boo !! On Friday night i did more of facial art on my face with lots of colour and glitter and hair sprayed my hair red. On Saturday i dressed up like i was from the 80's the bad thing is that i dont have any photographs, when i tried to take one the flash wasnt showing my makeup. Last but not least Sunday i dressed up as a pirate along with my boyfriend who was a pirate/ Jack Sparrow. I really had fun acting like i was drunken pirate and shouting ahoy ! hahaha. 
Enjoy the photographs girls! 


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