Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Gift Guide - Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Of course ladies I have created this post to give you some fresh new ideas that are beauty related, since after all we are a beauty blog. I know all men are not into beauty but not matter what they say, they all use beauty items - whether that is a shampoo or a face cream, it still is considered a beauty item. I have some fancy little gifts that I have found worked for me in the past and the great thing is you can sneakily get him to look after himself with a better brand that cares better for his skin or hair without him even realizing he is pampering himself. Reverse psychology right?! Lets take a look at my awesome list.

He doesn't look after his skin

This is my answer to you then. Get him the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream that is designed to hydrate his skin for 24 hours. All you need to do is get him to place it on his face once per day and you are sorted. It is actually designed for skin that is exposed to harsh weather conditions and uses its ingredients to balance your skins natural oils out according to the temperature.

He shaves

The Art of Korres Grooming by Korres
This gift set is perfect for that man in your life that shaves all the time. Tried and tested by my partner - the cream works wonders for people who have sensitive skin or have to shave daily. It helps combat any rashes or redness and the bonus is you also get a very luxurious shaving foam which will help prep the skin before shaving it.

He likes to smell good

Bad by Diesel

It might not be your typical massive designer however I am telling you now its smells really good and it has a normal price tag that is not too much or too cheap. If he is a fan of Narcos (Netflix TV Show) then you can show off to him that it is modelled by the main character of the show Boyd Holbrook who is a bad ass. Daring, sophisticated, addictive and fresh woody - need I say more?

He loves his hair

Daily Use Shampoo by Kerastase

Kerastase makes the best hair shampoos and conditioners in my opinion, you really can not go wrong with them. I always find after washing my hair with their products that they leave your hair feeling like you have just come out of the hairdressers. They are worth every extra penny and for a man they will be priceless. The products are designed to treat hair as well as make them look their very possible best.

I hope my guide helped you out or at least provided you with inspiration for what to buy for him. Keep an eye out in the next couple of posts for the female version of this gift guide.



Monday, 23 January 2017

3 Tips for Healthy Eating Motivation

I know this post may seem a little late to you but it really is not. Most people have started some sort of resolution on New Years Day however the truth is that with most new years resolutions, not a lot of them stay. Its all about thinking correctly and not pressuring yourself to a certain start date. You need to naturally motivate yourself slowly and all of a sudden you will be back in the game. I have a few tips and tricks of how to get motivated for healthy eating that work for me and hopefully will for you as well.

Do not follow necessarily people that post photographs of their bodies because everyone's body is different and yours will never look that way. Its not because you can't achieve its because we are all different and lets not forget not a lot of the images are actually the way they are portrayed to be. I tend to follow pages that contain healthy eating recipes for meal ideas and motivation. Even if you actually posted what you eat, its a good way to keep you on track.

There are lots of fitness bloggers on Youtube that show you what they cook/eat and even better their grocery shop. When you find the one that suits your lifestyle and way of thinking then all you need to do is hit subscribe and stay up to date with what they are doing and again motivated. My favourite Youtube videos are vlogs that show you them doing their grocery shopping and then what meals they make out of them at home.

Planning Ahead 
Plan before you go grocery shopping what you are going to buy and what meals you are going to make out of it. Most of healthy eating contains vegetables and fruit so if you do not eat them in time they will need chucking out which is a shame. If you work, plan what you are going to eat on your break or make in your packed lunch the night before. Sleeping away from home? Take your food with you if you know you will not find it at the place you will be at.

Think about what your goal is and work on it gradually. Eating healthy is hard because it requires time and organisation - if you lead a busy lifestyle this can become difficult. There is always a solution to everything and there are lots of companies on the internet that can deliver to you fresh food or snacks based on your dietary requirements. My plan is to slowly replace the naughty foods that I eat with healthier ones and train my body to get used to foods that I would not eat normally. My big aim is to get into nuts. I know it sounds crazy but I envy people who eat nuts since they are such an easy healthy option that can be in cooperated into meals or just snacks. They do not need cooking and are therefore super easy to have on standby. Watch this space guys...

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Let me know if you have any tips and if this guide was useful to you.


Saturday, 21 January 2017

Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Cream Review

One of the very true things about Elemis is that they really do smell like a Spa at Home as this range is called. I was a very lucky girl last month for my birthday as I received a hamper that had all my favourite brands in - including the one and only Elemis. Now Elemis, I discovered via my mother a long time ago who discovered it through QVC. I started to realise what a lovely brand it was through pinching my mams face cream and realising that my skin really did feel awesome afterwards. Their whole range in my opinion is a Spa at Home because they all have very relaxing aromas and although expensive their products work on your skin instantly just the way a facial would.

In my hamper I got the Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Cream and it is 200ml which is full size. The cream smells very floral and I am really smelling jasmine in it. The luxurious body cream has been enriched with macadamia oil and lipid rich sesame oil to leave the skin deeply hydrated and silky smooth. I do not personally feel it left my skin deeply hydrated but I agree that it did leave it silky smooth. You are instructed to massage it in circular motions to cleansed and dried skin - morning and evening. I usually put it on before going out especially on my legs since I tend to suffer from dry legs and its even worse when I have shaved them.

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I found that overall it did not help with my sensitive skin problem or keep my skin hydrated long enough. It did leave my skin feeling silky smooth so I feel like its the kind of body lotion that you would place on your skin before going out especially during summer. Not only for the silky feel but for the beautiful scent it would leave on your skin afterwards. the texture of the cream is thick but when it is rubbed into your skin it is easily absorbed and does not leave any residue behind apart from the lovely distinctive scent.  Although this is lovely at this moment in time it is not what my skin is craving. Have you tried out this cream or any Elemis products?


Thursday, 19 January 2017

The Shopping Bag Edit

Who does not love a good shopping bag? Bigger bags are always my first choice for an everyday bag. I only ever tend to use small bags for a night out where you literally just carry your purse and phone. Bigger bags work so much better because they are so much more useful. They allow you to carry more things with them and are even good for using if you go to school/university. As the word itself says, shopping bags are also great for carrying some shopping in especially here in the UK were carrier bags are not given unless bought in a fight to combat climate change. I have had a look for the best shopping bags out there at the moment and have placed them in the image above. From Armani to Moschino can your look really go wrong? If you want to see some more  Accessories then please check out Spartoo.


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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A Walk up to Durham Cathedral

Me and my partner have had company this week and its been a once in a lifetime kind of company. A family friend that I have not seen in 17 years (I sound so old now) finally managed to make his way up North and of course with time ticking there were only a few things we could go and see and I definitely think in Durham the best is Durham Cathedral. From outside it looks so amazing and the inside is just breathtaking.To think that once someone built this magnificent building and the history that lies within it just fascinates me.

We started off the morning by visiting a restaurant called Bills, which I had never noticed or heard off if I am being completely honest with you. I had English Breakfast accompanied by tea, of course and some very good company. The restaurant is quite cute inside for breakfast and has a very Italian, shabby chic theme going on which is not like anything I have seen in the area. The food does come quite gourmet and even the way each item is named it does appear to be a bit posher. I quite enjoyed my little breakfast however I can not wait to go back to work to burn off the calories that I have had the past nearly 2 weeks that I have been off.

A closer look at my makeup. 

For anyone who has not been to Durham Cathedral before, it is so worth the trip to Durham just to go see it. It is surrounded by Durham University students as their library is situated on the grounds and part of their college is, so there are always people around there.On your walk up to the Cathedral there are many restaurants,cafes and even a cupcake shop which I could not resist and will tell you later on about that. The entrance is free and you only pay if you want to see some extra parts of it, which as far as I am aware it is not worth it. You can have a walk around and even see the famous place were the scene from Harry Potter was shot (it was only like 3 minutes on the film but yeah claim to fame).  I love having a walk into the cathedral when I am there, lighting a candle and writing a little prayer note. Its just so silent and relaxing - its kinda like meditating whilst walking around.

On our way down from the cathedral, I had to stop in the cupcake shop and buy some just to take them home. We got salted caramel, red velvet, vanilla and ferrero rocher cupcake and the prices ranged from 2 to 3.00GBP each. We took them home and had them with a homemade cup of tea and they were so fresh and tasty. I wish I had bought more but I am also kind of glad I didn't. I hope you enjoyed the photographs and my written vlog.