Friday, 31 July 2015

Summer Formal Dresses

I am certain most of you will have a wedding coming up or a christening,prom where you will need to wear a formal dress. Choosing a formal dress can be a struggle and that is why I am here to help you out. I am going to show you some of the best dresses that you can find on the internet for low prices that will make you look like you have just had a Hollywood makeover.

If you live in a country that does not have such a warm climate around this time, then this is the dress you should opt for. The colour cream is fashionable all year around and the diamante detail adds that extra bit of sparkle making the dress more formal. If you are a blonde style your hair like the woman in the picture, long romantic curls and if you are a brunette tie your hair up in a braid style. 

Bring out your inner Greek Goddess with this Grecian style dress. Wear this in warm weather conditions and if you must take something with you just in case it gets a bit chilly take a cream chiffon scarf that you can wrap around your body like a bolero. Keep hair simple and natural looking to achieve that Grecian look and of course same goes for the makeup. 

If you are looking for the perfect prom dress, then this is the one for you. A great dress that shows off your silhouette in a very discreet manner yet at the same time will make you stand out in a crowd. A mermaid dress that is guaranteed to make you look so glamorous with such little effort. Keep hair up so the attention is to the dress and do your makeup smokey eye style or more nude. Its really important that you do not use any bright colours for lipstick because it will make you look overdressed. 

The On-Trend dress. Talk about beautiful right? This mint coloured dress is best for darker skin tones as it really helps the colour contrast against something darker and gives it that pop. The crop tone has some beads and rhinestones on it so that the dress looks even more formal. Of course as I am certain you know the crop top is totally in fashion at the moment so this is a great dress for any fashionista to wear. Keep things very simple, especially jewelry wise. Give your hair a boho chic makeover and put some bright pink lipstick on your lips. 

For more wedding, christening or long prom dresses please visit MillyBridal.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Student Style Bags Under 50EU

I always feel that once we get into the month August summer is practically over and before you know its September, the weather is bad and for some of us school starts again. Its always a great idea to plan ahead in my opinion to make sure you are organised and not looking last minute to find or buy something. I wanted to share with you some super trendy student style bags that cost less than 50EU and are bound to make you look trendy.

I love how Roxy has left their tomb boy theme for this design and gone for a more boho colorful bag. A great bag that will fit in all necessities and won't be too heavy for your back.

Eastpak is the kind of bag that has been designed for more wear out of them. If you are the kind of person that will completely wear a bag all day and not really take care of it, this is the brand you should be purchasing. Their bags have been designed to be durable and long lasting. If you are carrying heavy books or just need a bag that will last then this is the bag for you.

Kipling another brand similar to Eastpak's style however I would say smarter. Their bags are designed to contain a lot of products but without it being too obvious. I always have a Kipling bag and actually my current bag is a Kipling. You will notice inside the bag they will have lots of smart pockets for you to store items and the best thing they are waterproof and trendy. 

I have not forgotten about you athletic students who are doing physical exercises and probably need to carry a change of clothes. The perfect, sporty Quicksilver bag designed with outside pockets and also a big comfy space inside the bag to store your clothes, towels and even books.

To take a closer look at these bags make sure you check out Spartoo.


Thursday, 23 July 2015

Garnier Olia Hair Dye Review

I was lucky to win the Garnier Olia Hair Dye which I have actually used in the past but never got a chance to review it properly. This hair dye is permanent and it does not contain ammonia which basically means it slightly more hair friendly compared to your usual hair dyes. I always get dark brown which is 3.0 and believe it or not the reason I dye my hair is because I have grey hairs. No, it doesn't mean your old - its just DNA. This retails for around 10.00EU but in fairness it does contain quite a lot of product. Most cheap hair dyes that are under 5.00EU usually only contain half the amount and you are forced to buy a second bottle, so don't let price affect your judgement.

You get 60g of Developer Cream which is the big tube that says number 1 if you look at the photo closely. My only complaint with that is that it must only have half the product in or the packaging is too big for the amount of developer cream. If you buy this product you will have noticed it also literally half the tub is air and is very misleading. The actual Hair Colour Cream is 60g, this is the photograph that says number 2. You are given some black hair gloves which are really great quality and a small hair mask number 3 which I never use. (I never use the hair masks hair dyes give you, I usually just use my own hair dye.) Of course a leaflet is also in the box with your usual directions and minutes you need to keep your dye on for.

I used two hair dyes for medium length hair,I could have gotten away with one mainly if I was focusing on my roots however I decided since I had a spare one to place it all over. The great thing is that it does not smell and it does not leave that smell on your hair after you have washed it. The mixture is quite watery and once applied it needs to stay on for 35 minutes. Usually when I dye my hair a lot of hair tends to fall out in the bath when I am washing it, I can definitely say there was less hair that fell out with this dye. The colour has come out black brown , probably after a few washes it will fade out and look more natural (that is how I prefer it). Overall I am pleased with the result and the items and I would be buying this again. In general I have stopped buying full on chemical hair dyes and I tend to buy more natural ones and its great to know I can now have that option in my local supermarket. My hair is very shiny however I will be washing it on a daily basis to get rid of that freshly dyed colour so it looks more natural (this is something I do with all hair dyes). If you have any questions regarding this product, leave a comment below.


Monday, 20 July 2015

Summer Makeup Inspo for Warm Weather Conditions

I am still noticing a LOT of girls who are caking their makeup on, during summer which here in Greece I inform you is crazy since the weather is so hot the makeup literally melts of your face. You don't only look like you are wearing too much but you are also destroying your skin. When it is warm your pores open and all that nastyness gets soaked in and that is how spots/blackheads are created. I decided to share some tips on how to wear makeup during warm weather conditions.

1) Use BB creams because they are basically face cream with colour and they are much lighter and look a lot more natural. If you are desperate for concealer use a tee tree oil based one that will be nice to your skin. If you can use a mineral based or natural BB cream/concealer that will be even better. I use only BB cream and then on top I place under my eyes some Touche Eclat by YSL IF I feel its a necessary pick me up for my eyes. On top of whatever you are putting place translucent powder, make sure you focus particularly on the areas of your face that show sweat - forehead, cheek bones and nose. If you get a good powder it will be like there is nothing there if anything it will help your BB cream blend in with your skin making everything look natural.

2) Use some highlighter that bronzes, in peach tones to create that discreet yet bronzed appearance.

3) On your eyes play with very natural colours. I use a white cream shadow that once applied to my lid it just leaves a bright shine (rather than a white shadow) that helps your eyes glow and of course stand out. If you must blend the colour just add some very light brown colour or use your blusher for that peach tone effect that will allow your eyes to pop discreetly. Apply mascara as usual and eyeliner if I wear it I always opt for brown colour that is not as defined as black. If this is a night out look feel free to play with colour on your eyes and keep everything else plain and simple to look as refreshed as possible.

4) Lipstick is a no no for me. I recommend lip liner that is mat and does not have that cakey effect. I usually apply natural pink lip colours or nudes.

Check out the makeup looks, I have found on the internet and notice how refreshing they make the skin look.


Friday, 17 July 2015

Kerastase Spray A Porter Tousled Effect Spray Review

Kerastase is known for their luxurious hair products that will make your hair feel and look like royalty. They are quite expensive products however if you ever get the chance to just sample them or buy them, by your first try you will be able to notice a huge difference in your hair. That is how great this brand is. Here in Greece, last month they were giving away free the Kerastase Tousled Effect Spray for free! Of course, I couldn't resist and bought the magazine straight away, just so I could try this out.

The bottle size I have is 50ml and is airport friendly. It has a spray application and some water like liquid which you spray all over your hair. What I do is, once I come out of the shower I towel dry my hair for about 10 minutes and then add the spray all over and gently massage it in. The result I have gotten each time is beach waves. If you add a little bit of silicone afterwards it will look like you have curled/waved your hair with an electrical appliance. It really is great stuff and I would totally recommend this to any girl who is to lazy to pamper her hair or likes to rock the wavy/curly look. This spray will help girls who need help encouraging their hair to go wavy. Think of it as beach hair waves - that is what you are getting.

You can find this product on the internet for around 26.00EU for a 150ml bottle. The great thing is there is a whole styling range in this category that you can buy. If spray doesn't work for you but mousse does or wax etc then you should check it out.