A company approached me a couple of weeks ago asking me to check out some of their products. I was really intrigued by their motive and was really glad i was offered a chance to try out the products for Glittermeup. The Temporary Tattoo Store basically gives you a chance to design your own tattoo on their website and then order it so you can actually try it out. If you want to get a tattoo but just dont know if you like the design or how it will look on that area or if you like that area then this is perfect for you. 

Design and wait for it to arrive and then apply to your desired area. I chose a quick already made template from their website because i happened to be in a rush that day. I was playing around with different places i could place this tattoo and i really liked the idea of it being on the inner part of my arm.

This isnt just great for us tattoo lovers but for you tattoo haters as well. If youre the kind of person who cant commit to a tattoo forever then this is also perfect for you. Just apply a tattoo whenever you feel like it. The tattoo lasts about one week in my experience and looks as good as real after a couple of hours when the shine disappears. I am in love with this idea and plan on getting some big designs done to see if i really want to go ahead with my next real tattoo idea i have.
What are your thoughts ?

Must Have Summer Tanning Gel/Oil

If you are a huge fan of tanning like me, then you will probably be obsessed with finding the best products that help maximise your tan. Today im going to share with you girls my two favourite and must have products for summer. 

Avon Sun+ Maxi Tan : Spray oil which helps maximise your tan and smells delicious. It actually smells so nice that when i applied it my friend instantly fell in love with it and asked me to get her one as well from my Avon Representative. It smelled so nice that even the men were saying whats that smell , it smells really good. It helps lots and lots with tanning and and is not a heavy oil. 

Carroten Intensive Tanning Gel: Amazing ! I have always used this when i have been in Greece, its one of Greece's best products i think. Its a dark gel that you apply to yourself and it really does help lots and lots with tanning. The only downside of this is that it can get a bit messy and needs to stay clear from your swimwear because it stains. I was once wearing a white bikini and never wore it again because of this. 

Whats your favourite tanning product ? 

Vaseline spray and go review

Whilst I was in England on my wish list I had the Vaseline spray and go product because as I'm sure most of you know, I hate body lotion because of its sticky ness and because it's takes way too long too dry on my skin. This seemed like the perfect fit for me and guess what it was!!!

This spray is very long lasting and I completely recommend this especially the cocoa butter that smells like heaven. If you want something a little bit more discreet then you should opt for the aloe Vera scent which is more gentle otherwise go for the cocoa. Once sprayed on the skin it comes out in an almost foam cream style and then is quickly absorbed by the skin once massaged. I would say this a light moisturizer that leaves skin feeling very cool and refereshed. I love it and as soon as I run out if they haven't brought them to Greece by then I'm going to order them via the boots website. I got them on offer , I think 3 for 10 pound from boots in Manchester airport. 

Let me know your thoughts girls!!!

My Ombre Experience

Since last year i have been dying to dye my hair ombre, i decided to finally go ahead with it buying two hair dyes one for the ombre and one if it goes wrong. I bought Loreals Ombre hair dye for brunettes going blonde which was in the number ombre no.1 . Even if you have black hair this hair dye will completely open up your hair colour so dont think that it wont. The bad thing with this was that when the hair dye is put on which is a really easy process the box tells you to wait 25 minutes- 45 minutes depending on your preferences. How blonde you want it in other words.

 I waited and after around 25 minutes my hair looked like it had gone very blonde like white blonde and i was shocked. I quickly decided to go wash it off to find out that it had only gone the caramel colour you can see in the picture. In all fairness that colour reminds me of a colour that has been dyed by a girl with a very cheap dye. It just wasnt working for me which is why i decided to dye it again and now its like a blond brown which looks much better. 

(with the hair dye on , as you can see it looks much blonder than the result)

My opinion is if youre going to go ombre just go to the hairdressers, you will never be satisfied with your own work trust me. For any of you wondering why my ombre is so high , that was how i wanted it. Its in fashion now the ombre to begin above your ears. 
Let me know your thoughts !

Summer Dresses

During summer the coolest thing to wear is a dress and i dont know how its possible but in my opinion they are so much  more comfortable. When buying a dress for summer i recommend getting one that is bright and colourful because that will really compliment your tan. Here are a few of my summer selections...

Every day casual dresses that can be worn with your swimwear underneath or can easily be switched up to a more night time look. Let me know your thoughts girls !!!

Please Donate !

Aggizo Zoo is a greek charity in my town that is basically made up from volunteers who help out animals. If any of you have visited Greece you will know that we have a big problem with stray dogs and cats sadly. This means that there are lots of problems because they dont have owners and noone can take care of them. The stray dogs usually tend to cause a LOT of car accidents here in Greece and most drivers usually keep driving rather than actually taking the animal thats injured to the vet. The dogs or cats usually have puppies/kittens and once they do some of the people here go and abandon them. 

Aggizo Zoo helps out the animals a lot and uses their own money to pay for any medical treatments they may need. They also try to give some of the animals for adoption by showing them on their facebook page and give a legal contract with that to prevent the owner treating their pets in a bad manner. So this i ask of all of my readers , please donate even if its just a euro. The animals need your help, think about how many more animals we can help out if we all donate. 

Thank you xxx 

Thats Better Face Scrub with Acai Berry

Thats better has a lovely skincare line that smells delicious. Im going to talk to you about their face scrub which is a multivitamin face polisher that smells of acai berries and something else that is quite herbal. You only need a small penny size drop of this because the formula is very different compared to other facial scrubs. 

The formula seems to be oil based and it has tiny sugar crystals that well blended in the mixture. In the past i have used other facial scrubs that basically had bigger stones but fewer stones. In my opinion these tightly compacted sugar crystal scrub formulas always work better because they are smaller so they probably cause less damage to the skin and they can pretty much scrub the whole face surface squeezing into the tiniest pores. 

The whole point of the acai berry cleanser is to help clean the dirt from our pores and it is recommended that it is used 2-3 times per week. I usually use scrubs whilst im showering because my pores tend to be more open then from the hot shower which means the scrub can cleanse my face much better. 

This scrub works wonders when applied to dry skin. The oil properties it has leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and the scrub gives you this super fresh clean feeling on your skin. This is one of the best facial scrubs i have ever tried because the results can be seen straight away once washed off. This does cost around 18.50 euros but you should keep your eyes open for offers. 

For more information about this product you can contact Farmakeio214 

( or any member of Advance Pharmacies 

You can also buy it online or by telephone order.


Nude Bronze Nails

I am back ! The UK was very kind to me and i had the most amazing time with family. The weather was also good so thanks for that England. Today im going to share with you a lovely nude bronze nail look by my favourite nail brand OPI that is great for a going on holiday look or a just came back from my holidays look. It compliments tanned skin especially and is so simple and looks great with no matter what clothes you wear. 

Check it out !

OPI The Grape Lakes 
OPI Skinny Dip'n in Lake Michigan 


Glittermeup is on Holiday !

Sorry i havent had any time to write a new post because i have had family over for the bank holiday and i have been busy packing my suitcase and buying presents.I am leaving to go to the UK to see family so im super excited.When i come  back i will show you everything i have bought and hopefully even share a vlog video of my trip. If you follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram i will be uploading lots of photographs!! 
Thank you so much for being patient with me!
I will miss you all !!! 

Glittermeup will open on the 21st June 2014!

Spirulina - How its helped me !

I remember watching a Spirulina video a while back of the Victoria's Secret girls talking about one beauty tip they have and one of them had said Spirulina specifically Miranda Kerr who also mentions in the video that she had studied nutrition after school. Check it out below!

Now when i was younger, when Spirulina had just started really making a name of themselves, my aunt had sent us from Greece some Greek Spirulina that we all started taking as a family. Truth be told i gave up on it because all i saw was that it completely broke me out and that was the period i was going to school and wasnt wearing much makeup. 

After suffering from different body problems such as blemishes, iron deficiency and hair loss etc i decided i would start taking it again but really do my research about which one i should buy first. What i read was that when buying spirulina you should always opt for the organic version and you can use the pills if you hate the taste (which i do) or you can buy the powder version and add it smoothies or even food (not for me). My first batch i bought from my local pharmacy and it is pure Greek spirulina that is organic and the daily dose recommended is 2-4 pills per day. 

I only took 2 pills per day because apparently the higher dose is for people who suffer from much serious or more problems. My problems are not that serious compared to women or men who maybe suffer from thyroid etc. When i first started taking them my skin did break out , nothing bad it was something similar like when i expect my period and my skin breaks out and then after about two weeks it calmed down and went back to normal. 

Here is the best part... My monthly period is a pain in the a** for me and literally makes my life a living hormonal battle. I suffer from period pains up to one week before it actually arrives and then for another three days once it has arrived. The period pains hurt me so much i have to take some nurofen to help numb the pain a bit. I also want to add the first few days of my period my mood drastically drops and i get very angry and sad :(. Ever since taking Spirulina my whole period schedule has changed. I have no more period pains and my mood is not affected anymore. I was absolutely shocked the first month when i was taking Spirulina when i noticed that i had no pains so i decided to experiment and notice it for the second month and yet once again NO PAINS !! I have also noticed if i dont take Spirulina i start getting period pains BUT as soon as i  take a pill the pain disappears. 

I have not taken a medicine in the past 3 months and everytime i have felt like i was ready to catch a cold and i have took some Spirulina it has magically disappeared. Will it work for you ? I feel like it works for people differently depending on how your body works and what it needs. I recommend you go buy yourself a packet of Spirulina and try it for two months and notice the differences you should have. 

The Spirulina im currently using is called Hellenic Bio- Spirulina and i have a back up that i bought from I herb which is by Now Certified Organic Spirulina and i also have a Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica which is a powder that i use to make face masks with this was also bought from I herb. 
What are your thoughts? Has it worked for you ?

YSL New In !

YSL travel palette was given to me by my aunt who doesnt really wear any makeup because of her age. The only thing she kept from the palette was the mascara! This was bought for her from her husband whilst he was travelling in the airport for about 70-77 euros. Pretty expensive however do think about the fact that it has 4 different lipsticks , 5 different eyeshadows and 2 blushers. In the shops these would retail for a lot more so do keep that in mind and also the fact that it comes in a very handy travel case that you could take anywhere with you. 

The eyeshadows are really nice however they do all have glitter in and the colours i would say are more for a night time smokey eye look. The lipsticks tend to remind me more of lip tints or lip glosses because when applied to your lips they are not that bold. The blushers i absolutely loved because its from the few palettes that has blushers included that arent really small. They are actually big enough for me to fit my normal sized blusher brush and come in two very cute pink shades. 

I would have loved this palette much more if it had more nude colours because lets be honest when travelling if im going to wear makeup im certainly not going to wear dark pink smokey eyes. The packaging is really nice also because its waterproof. Do check my photographs out.

Spring Empties

When did Spring fly over ? Its officially summer in a few days and boy am i happy. In 13 days i also leave for England so im super excited to see friends and family and go shopping. Some of the things im going to show you today may not be necessarily empty but just have gone off for example the nail polishes. I hope you enjoy my empties and please do let me know your thoughts :) . 

Favourite: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Hair Mask. 
Disliked: Avon Perfectly Purifying Body Scrub.

Kyana Serum and Anti Frizz Spray Review

Kyana a while back had sent me some of their professional haircare products to try out. The Herboria Max range really is great and works wonders for your hair. Today im going to talk about the last two products that are left for me to review from the package i was sent a while back. 

Kyana Anti Frizz Spray is a really nice light spray that contains bamboo extract that aims to help you gain more control of your hair or faster blow drying optimum results. I absolutely love this product its very long lasting for someone who is looking to save money and gives my hair amazing texture. Sometimes and mostly now that the weather has been warmer i try to not blow dry my hair so it doesnt create more damage to my hair so instead i let it naturally dry. When i have been letting my hair naturally dry i have been spraying this product on my wet hair and it has given my hair the most amazing texture and more defining waves. Really loved this product and would re-buy.

The final product im going to talk about is the hair serum that contains citrus extract. Well first of all im going to start off by saying my hair smells great with this serum, the smell is pretty much an orange scent i would say. This serum aims to provide shine, suppleness and smoothness while keeping the volume and repairing your ends. I have used this on wet hair and dried hair and even though some serums can get a bit greasy this never was. On my wet hair i used it really mostly for the shine or to repair my ends and when i used it on my dry hair i usually used it to make my hair more lively and smoother. Once again another really good product from Kyana that is long lasting. 

Do you love Kyana products and if so which one ?

Summer Choies Wishlist

Currently on the look out for some new summer clothes. In about two-three weeks im going to England to see my family which i am super excited about and im also going there to do some summer shopping finally. As i was browsing through the internet to see what the shops are currently selling and raving about i came across this website called Choies which has on trend items at really good prices oh and free shipping worldwide. Thats always good news. Here are a few of my summer choices that i would love to get my hands on from this e-shop. 

How cute are the clothes ?! If you want to check them out yourself either click on the images or CLICK HERE for the eshop. 

Lipcote - Does it work ?

After falling in love with Erre Due lip matte glosses that you basically apply and literally no colour comes of your lips, i decided to buy Lipcote which is around 5 euro from Feel Unique and is a clear gloss that you just put on top of whatever lipstick you want to help seal the colour. 

Lipcote is a product that has won several awards so my thoughts where at first that of course its going to work. When you first apply it over your lips it stings your lips a bit and smells of some sort of a spirit. The feeling you get afterwards reminds me of a sticky lip gloss and not so much something that has dried on your lips. I have used it on several occasions on top of my bright pink, purple lipsticks and to be honest with you i havent felt that pleased. 

I do smoke, so a great test for me is that shown on the cigarette. Did the colour mark my cigarette ? Yes it did. Did my lipstick leave colour on my glass that i was drinking from? Yes it did. Do you feel comfortable whilst wearing it ? No you dont , because it feels like a sticky lip gloss . The biggest test of all is does the product stay on your lips like it is supposed to? I would say yes and no. My lipstick by the end of the night has definitely worn off not so that theres no lipstick left on my lips but that you probably need to re-apply. With Erre Due lip matte glosses i never had to re apply and the colour never came off . 

Im really suprised that a product i have grown up with hearing great words about and that has won such great awards did not do the job for me. Maybe it was a bad batch...??? 
Have you girls tried it ? If so whats your thoughts on it...

How I store and organise my Lipsticks.

Yes , i have a lot of lipsticks and trust me i do give a lot of my cosmetics away to people close to me who dont have enough money to buy cosmetics or in general like something. Due to the fact it was getting hard to keep track of what lipsticks colours i have , i decided to make a lipstick catalogue.

On my lipstick catalogue i swatch the lipstick and write the shade colour and brand name. I have stuck this lipstick catalogue of mine on the inside of my cupboard door where i store all my cosmetics and so that it is easily viewed and doesnt take up much space. Each time im getting ready when it comes to deciding which lipstick to wear tonight i simply look at my chart and pick one.

My lipsticks are stored in a container that was part of a gift box and i have them just thrown in. Its the only way i could think of without taking much space up in my makeup storage cupboard. May i also add that because i rarely wear lipgloss i dont actually have that many , i think i might only have around 6 different ones so i have just thrown them in with my lipsticks. Everything else to do with lip products are stored separately just to make sure it doesnt get too confusing. I will show you them in another post over the next month. Keep your eyes open for my organised cosmetic storage. 
How do you store your lipsticks ?

Olivia Showergel and Body Lotion

**Thumbs up to the great pr team who came up with the colourful idea of sending the pr goodies out in an actual paint box. When the courier guy brought my parcel my dad told me someone had brought me a pot of paint and i was thinking huh?! Then as soon as i paid closer attention to the outside of the box i noticed the Olivia products. 

I had three beautiful scents waiting for me to be opened and used. 

My favourite was definitely Fig , i am a huge fan of the fig scent and Olivia managed to get the scent just right. I gave a body lotion to my boyfriends sister and a showergel to my boyfriend just to make sure my opinion is pretty much average. They both loved the products they told me the scent of Kumquat was amazing and after having a shower your body still smells of the showergel. 

The body lotion is my opinion leaves a very discreet smell on your skin and helps keep it moisturised when applied on a daily basis. The great thing about the cream is that you dont need a lot of it and it blends really easy into your skin. The formula is light and comes in a handy bottle that you basically twist the cap and squirt the product out. 

The showergels were very fruity smelling and absolute must have fresh scents for summer. They create a generous amount of foam and leave a lovely discreet scent to your skin that is not as strong as the body lotions leave but is still great. I love this range because it has handy packaging that is great for easier use whilst showering or applying lotion to your skin and i love discreet scents. A great range that does not contain parabens,artificial colours, silicones,propylene glycol and animal origin ingredients. 

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