My Cleanse Has Begun...

Last night I had my final dose of chocolate and fried chips and said goodbye to all food. Now you are going to say to me after reading this blog if my cleanse is a little bit extreme and if it is healthy. Let me tell you one thing for the past however many years I have always done a cleanse in aid to either lose weight or to detox my system. This year I feel I need to lose weight, I can feel I am at my heaviest. I have decided to start with a cleanse because this is what works for me, it helps me get rid off all toxins and urges I may have and helps me gradually adapt a healthy eating regime.

Why now? Now is the best time because here in Greece most people will start doing lent for Easter, which means not as many people will be ordering or eating food that are quite unhealthy for you. Its really important to get the timing perfect. I have also created a plan in the rare case I happen to go out for food, I will eat a salad probably a Caesar salad. If I happen to go out on a night and want alcohol, I will stick to clear spirits with sprite. I have bought fruit and vegetables for me to live on and lots of soups. This diet will be mainly a liquid diet accompanied by fruit and vegetables.

What have I bought? I have bought certain fruits that release energy slowly and contain antioxidant properties. Vegetables I can eat anything but just have to watch out for any dressings. For my soups I have bought some instant soups that are quick to make and rice crackers.In the morning I drink hot lemon water with cinnamon and of course as much tea as I like. This is my plan hopefully for the next two weeks.I will keep you updated on my cleanse journey and what diet I do after 2 weeks.

My aim is to lose weight for Easter and of course then for Summer. I am probably going to be doing some Yoga to keep fit in the mean time and as soon as the weather gets better here in Greece some outdoor exercising. Let me know your thoughts, have you begun cleansing?

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review

Last night I finally managed to find some time to go to the cinema and see this anticipated film. I also managed to persuade my boyfriend to come with me, yes I am one of the lucky girls. I have read the books and I am a big fan of them so I was really interested to see exactly how they would manage to create a film out of it when technically its more of a porn film.

The cinema was full of laughter during certain parts of the film, just because it was awkward funny. At some point randomly Christian Grey was like ''I fuck hard'' but either the conversation made it sound random or Christian Grey did not sound/look like the guy who really would.

Christian Grey, Jamie Dornan just did not do it for me. I am sorry girls but seriously he looked like he was just an average guy that wasnt a man who was successful. The accent was terrible , I know he is originally Irish (i think) but seriously his accent sounded like an American/Canadian alien. I am starting to think Charlie Hunman was the better match.

Miss Steele, Dakota Johnson did not do it for me either. She looks like a 35 year old woman, not any younger. I did think that she played excellent the role of the innocent, virgin girl but I think the casting could have been much better. If I had to choose one actor to keep I would say Dakota, her funny quirky lines were quite entertaining and she pretty much did a very good job on acting the part.

The story line seemed very random to someone who has not read the books. My boyfriend who obviously has not read the books kept asking me what the story line is. He also said that the way they portrayed that she would like him and go ahead with all these crazy things is not true, any girl would have left at the first moment because he looks like a psycho. My boyfriend also kept making fun out of Jamie Dornan, his hair, his looks they werent really wow factor.

The film seemed awfully cheesy for me which is something I never felt whilst reading the books. Christian Grey just never did it for me, his brother Elliott was more better looking than him. I do think that regardless the ticket sales reaching record numbers, the second film wont have as much sales.Sex wise, was there much going on compared to the book? Yes but very discreetly lets not forget this is a film and not a porn film.  A lot of people were disappointed at the casting and the films final result. I have to say I am one of them... xxx


The 3.00 euro version of a Clarisonic.

The past couple of weeks I have been debating buying a Clarisonic and of course one of the main reasons is the huge price tag of 150.00EU at least. Dont get me wrong I really wanted to get one but I was trying to think if this is something that could be done by a facial brush on its own. The only difference with a facial brush and a Clarisonic is that the Clarisonic is electric. I really wanted to try out the manual brush and see if the results would be similar to a Clarisonics.

I have never used a Clarisonic or a similar electronic gadget let me just mention this however I have searched the whole internet for reviews on the product. People claim that with a Clarisonic their skin has improved in numerous ways. Less blackheads,blemishes and some say its good for wrinkles. I went to my local Hondos Center store here in Greece and looked for a facial brush. I found one that only had a 3.00EU tag on it, of course I bought it and began experimenting.

I use Apivita Cleanser for oily to combination skin and every morning I wash my face and then create foam with this product on my face and then start using the manual brush. I start massaging doing circular motions all over my skin, I even lightly do this on my eyes. Then of course I wash my face and pat it dry with a towel.

Ever since doing this I can tell you that I have stopped ex foliating my face since this method does it for me anyway. My face has started to feel much tighter and clean. The blackheads and blemishes on my face seem to be at a controllable level and of course my sin is shinier than ever. Of course I am sure a Clarisonic would probably do double the job since it has more bristles and turns at a quicker circular motion but 3.00EU compared to 150.00EU is a big difference. So far I am happy using this facial brush manually myself. Let me know your thoughts girls? xxx


Vaseline Spray and Go - Does it work?

The weather is still cold here in Greece but the sun is out some its giving me hope that the sunny days are nearly here. I am currently debating what phone I should buy for myself. Truth is Im an apple girl but I never use my phone. So the question is do I go for an expensive phone that I will not use or do I go for a cheaper phone thats probably not Apple ?! Im stuck, let me know your thoughts.

Today I want to talk about a product that I have previously reviewed but never got the chance to go into depth about it. When I visited UK I bought this product since I am one of those people who hate putting body lotion on themselves. I bought 3 spray bottles one in aloe and one is cocoa. So does it work?

They recommend this product for us busy women to use before we leave the house, hence the '''Spray and Go'' caption it has. It is a fairly quick product to place on yourself and it is completely absorbed once rubbed in. The only problem I have with this is that it is too watery. The formula is just like spraying water on your skin, it is super thin.

That is when I start to question how good of a moisturiser this is. I tried several experiments, I shaved my legs and placed this moisturiser on to see how good this was. The results were that after about an hour or so I was feeling the need to itch my legs because they were dry which meant I had to re-apply. The great thing about the formula is that it is not oily neither does it break your skin out. Would I buy this again? Yes I would but I would only count on it as a top up on top of an actual moisturiser. I would recommend this for Summer when its hot and your sin has dried out this is a quick instant fix. xxx


A closer look at Clarks shoes.

The joys of being half British and half Greek were loads and one of my favourite memories growing up was the trips to England to see the other half of the family. I can remember going into Woolworths and of course going crazy about their pick n mix stand that had mini eggs. My obsession for mini eggs began back then. Sadly now Woolworths has closed so no more pick n mix for me. Going back to the topic one of my other memories was going to Clarks. I used to love the little fancy machine that would size up my feet to see what size shoe I wore. Clarks is one of those brands more women should wear... why? Because its good for your feet. There is nothing healthier for your feet than wearing good orthopaedic shoes.

Take for instance these heels. Yes, they are not platforms but guess what, those long nights out arent going to be painful any more if you invest in a pair of these. Dont be the boring girl who is sitting down all night rather than dancing.

These shoes are trendy and not just Clarks but many other companies who sell similar comfortable shoes have started trying their best to make the shoes more fashion relative and a little bit higher however at the same time maintaining that comfort.

As a woman you need to decide what you prefer. A badly made shoe that can cause you problems in your future life and health? Or a good made shoe that might be a little bit more pricey but will love your feet? The choice is yours girls! For more check out  xxx