Thursday, 16 April 2015

OOTD over Easter

Yes, we had Easter on Sunday here in Greece and I had a really nice time. I wanted to share with some of you my outfits that I wore for the Easter celebrations and also the brands of them. Honestly I wish I could do more of these posts but the truth is I am not a huge fan of ''here take the camera and take a photo of me''. That is why you do not see many of these posts from me. I promise I will try my best to do more if I see that this is something you guys enjoy.

Trench Coat is by Next
Bag is by Burberry
Dress is by BSB (Greek Fashion Label)
The shoes (black in the background) are by Pedro Garcia.
The ones I am wearing are Crocs (keep my feet comfy around the house) and the cream ballet shoes are by Lacoste.

(I really do hate cutting people out of the photo)

Necklace is handmade (if you are interested I can point you to the person who made it)
Nude tube top is by Lynne (Greek Fashion Label) I wore this because there was too much breast cleavage in my opinion showing.
White top is by Asos
Faux Leather Skirt is by Next 


Thursday, 9 April 2015

Its All About the Flowers

This season is all about the flower print once more however there is a difference. This time its floral everywhere you can think of shoes, trousers, tops and dresses. Usually most seasons the garments are more toned down whereas this time its all highly contrasted against a colour.. Here are a few to take a look at and how to wear them.

  I have actually bought the pair of trousers above, they are very unusual because they have a dark background with floral print on them but they look great contrasted against white exactly like the model in the photograph is wearing them.

These are gorgeous and would look fantastic against a black or white outfit. It will be all about the shoes and draw lots of attention to your legs. Make sure they are looking their best.

A piece of art if you ask me. This dress is beautiful from deep within right down to the material and to the surface with the pattern it has printed. It is a beautiful romantic look that will make you look pretty and flirty.

Toned down yet still fashionable. For any fashionista who wants to rock the monotone outfit with a little bit of trend. When it comes to shape like these please make sure you are aware of your body shape because balloon coats can make you look even more round than what you already are.


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Which Platform Trainer Is Right For You?

Everyone is currently obsessing with the new platform trainers that are in fashion. Me? They take me back to my Spice Girl years when I used to wear some orange ones and guess what? I loved them. So, yes of course I am going to get some but still trying to find the right pair for me. I am going to help you find your perfect pair by sharing with you styles that you should look out for or keep in mind when buying a pair.

White works great with everything, well apart from winter. Now that spring is here its definitely time for you to start flaunting the colour white against your beautiful tan. The great thing about the colour white is that it is just like black it goes with everything. This is definitely the colour I will be investing in since it means I will only need one pair and could more than likely dress it up and down. The above pair is by No Name.

Discreet if you want a pair that sticks to the fashion trend but is more discreet then your best is option is definitely opting for some Converse. They are about half the size of the usual platform currently in fashion and will be viewed as a more common and regular looking choice. Great for older ages and anyone who likes to tone down their clothing rather than exaggerate it.

Not that discreet everyone has a different sense of fashion and some people like designs that are more in your face and have graphics or photographs. This pair is great just for that and is by Eleven Paris. It has an over the top size for the platform and has iconic ancient Greek/ Roman statues printed over it.

What is my style? My style would be plain and simple white, the first choice. It matches everything and now that summer is nearly here I can guarantee it will look refreshing and cool during day time and night time. To buy the styles mentioned above please click here and for more shoes click here.


Saturday, 4 April 2015

Why You Should Spend More On Makeup

I seem to get in a heated debate plenty of times when friends try to persuade me that I should spend less on makeup. The thing with this is that I always try to explain to people that some cheap makeup products are worth buying as long as they are good quality. In these days that we are living quality costs. Here are a few signs why you should be spending a little more money on your makeup.

Eye Products Apart from the fact that this is placed on your skin and you should be really investigating what you are placing on it, did you know that some eye shadows can stain your eye lids? The little darker lid stains you have can be of bad quality eye shadows and of course not taking your makeup off. Mascaras can cause lots of eye infections and honestly I do not know how some of you can trust buying 1.00EU ones that come all the way from China or Ebay. I bet most of them are not even certified. 

Face Products This drives me nuts as well, seriously its like you are applying a cream to your face which at some point when you get sweaty, your pores will open and suck it all in. Buy good quality makeup products to assure your face does not age prematurely and does not break out or even come out in rashes. If anything I would recommend looking for brands that are natural such as Bare Minerals my personal favourite that I tend to us mostly in summer since things get a bit hot here. They say their foundation is so natural that you can even sleep in it.

Lip Products Placing something on your lips aka mouth is like eating the chemicals voluntarily. Did you know that lipstick contains led which is carcinogenic? Think about all the times you are wearing lipstick or gloss every time you eat, smoke or just talk you are slowly eating that product up. That is why it is important to try your best and go organic. 

I am not going to lie, my collection is not all 100% natural and organic but I am trying to make the switch. Switching over to the natural side is not as easy as you think and it takes time. You need to make sure you find a products or a brand that you feel is doing the job well for you. In the mean time please keep these facts in the back of your mind and understand how much the cost price to create that 1.00EU product is and how much profit these companies need to make out of it. Believe it or not there is a difference between giving that extra euro or ten to make sure you are getting the best option for the amount of money you have.  Think of it like how you would buy meat, you know that buying the cheap meat means genetically modified (so they make more profit and can keep the costs down) where as buying fresh local meat is more expensive but much better quality. What are your thoughts girls?


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Do cleansing pore strips work?

Cleansing pore strips is something I think every woman enjoys doing and seeing the after results. (You know what I mean!) These are great for women and men of course. You would be surprised how many men do this to their pores without you knowing. If there is one thing I hate its black pores that are visible, the truth is most of us have them especially on our nose. Sometimes some people have too much and it looks really bad. The best way to help tone down the appearance of them is by using pores strips that basically try their best to stick onto the blackheads and extract as many of them without damaging your skin.

Squeezing a blackhead to come out of its pore is something I am certain we have all done before but the actual movement is terrible for your skin and usually leaves you scars. The skin so you understand is like a piece of tissue and if you tug on it too much its going to rip and damage. Pore strips are great because they suck as much as they can up and extract in a lifting motion.

Not all of them can be extracted so the best thing to do is exfoliate on a daily basis with a gentle formula or exfoliate every time you are in the shower and your pores are open from the steam. I use my cleansing brush which I have spoken about before and you can find the blog post here on a daily basis along with a good cleanser that keeps my skin type happy. I recommend using these once or twice a month and the reason is because the rest will go to waste. You could definitely try but if your pore strip has just had a shot at taking a certain blackhead out and nothing has happened then you should leave it a bit longer and keep exfoliating. In two weeks or a months time it will be ready.

What pore strips should you use? Easy! Any. On my recent trip to the UK I stocked up on a brand called Beauty Formulas that cost me 1.00GBP per packet, they work just as good as the one pore strip that costs me triple the price. Another good idea is to make them yourself. Yes, you can actually DIY these at home if you google it there are lots of results of how to do them. I personally have never tried it before but my boyfriends sister says they are even better than the ready made pore strips and you can place the liquid anywhere on your face. She puts them on her cheeks, forehead and I would like to put some on my back when I get round to making some myself. What pore strips do you use and how often?