Sunday, 29 November 2015

Multi-Purpose Skin Nurturing Balm by Philosophy Review

My mam got this balm of QVC once again and I was looking for a night cream that I could wear and my mam gave me this to try and use. Its by Philosophy which is a brand that approaches personal care from a skincare point of view. I absolutely adore the packaging they have on their products and a lot of high street brands have copied their design. (You will know what I mean once you see it.)

This has a very easy package for this balm, its basically just squeeze to get the product out great for you people who like to cut the packaging to ensure you get every last drop out. There are instructions on the back as to how to apply it and the ingredients and three facts about this balm. On the front of the packaging is the philosophy moto line and the name of the product. The only reason I am telling you this is as I know it will seem like there is a lot of writing on it and you may be wondering what it is all about.

The balm is white and it has the same consistency as Vaseline. The texture is exactly the same and it probably pretty much is the same thing as that which makes me wonder if Vaseline could also be used as a cheaper night balm. You can apply this to wet or dry skin, I applied it once I came out of my night shower before I went to sleep. It does feel quite thick whilst its sinking in so I would put a little bit and gradually add to it depending on how thick you want it to go on. I would also give it a minute before you sleep so it does not go all over your pillow. My face did feel nice in the morning however it did not feel as soft as the Egyptian Balm that is my favourite night balm. I would use it again, I just would not buy it. It does do its job but there are better products out there for you to try I would say.


Saturday, 21 November 2015

SBC Collection Aloe Vera Gel Review

This was purchased from QVC in a special offer that was on a while back in a set with some other products from the same company. This aloe vera gel really was something I was looking forward to trying from this set since I do suffer from some itching especially on my chest or legs. A lot of aloe vera gels claim to be the real thing and cure as well but they are not usually as good as they say.

The packaging for this cream is very plain and simple however it is pretty cool how the bottle is see through and you get to see the funky bright colours this company does have - its also good for working out how much product you have left. The gel is very nice and refreshing, it does have that cooling effect which would probably work great for sunburns. The gel is great also for stopping the itching on your skin for example after shaving. What I found the gel did not help me out with is for my boyfriends skin that has these red marks that almost look like psoriasis, I was really hoping this gel would have helped take the swelling down or at least the redness away however it did not sadly.

Would I buy this again? I feel that it is a handy product to have around the house however the claims that it helps all redness and swelling do not appear to be that true sadly. Its a great gel to use for easier matters but for more technical matters I would not recommend this. I would buy this again because it does work wonders for after shaving.


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Cheap Mermaid Wedding Dresses by Adasbridal

Do you want to be a bride impressing your guest with a very sexy image on your big day? There is no doubt that one of Mermaid/Trumpet Wedding Dresses is your optimum choice. Tightly hugging the contours of the body from bodice to knee (or slightly below the knee), where the skirt begins to dramatically flare away down to the hem, mermaid wedding gowns well flaunt feminine curves, making them one of the best dress styles for hourglass figures. Exuding an alluring appeal and revealing every curve, mermaid or trumpet silhouette can make you look very glamorous and luscious, even if you’d rather not show a lot of skin.

As a form-fitting style, Mermaid/Trumpet Wedding Dresses can be ultra-glamorous. However, it might not be the most flattering dress for all body shape. Therefore, you should be mindful of its features like emphasizing a straight or wide waist and wide hips. What’s more, mermaid wedding dresses can restrict your freedom of movement, so they are not ideal choice for destination weddings.

This Mermaid/Trumpet Wedding Dresses Collection vary in fabric, skirt style as well as embellishments. Ranging from sweetheart to V-neck, lace-up to zipper, sleeveless to long sleeves, and brush train to cathedral train, we are dedicated to perfectly presenting every detail on your dress with craftsmanship. In addition, based on your wedding venue, they will narrow down the train length to let you walk down the aisle carefree. As for season, you can also choose organza in summer or taffeta in winter.

To ensure that you can become the most stunning and exquisite bride your guests have ever seen, please feel free to provide us with all your secret body numbers like bust, waist, hips, hollow to floor and height, reputable tailors would customize that unique and ideal dress for you. So don’t waste any second longer to ponder whether they are fit for you, their designer will consider everything you will come across on you big day. What you need to do is simply to choose one of our perfect, affordable and highly stylish wedding creations and tell them all your expectations.

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2 in 1 Wedding Dresses by Adasbridal

While strapless and sleeveless wedding dresses display their own beautiful elegance on brides, you should not disregard long sleeve wedding dresses at all. These classic dresses are the best choice for a conventional new bride since they are more modest. They also encompass you with this indescribable innocent aura that is sure to bring tears to every lady (and maybe man’s) eyes as you walk down the aisle to say “I do”.

If you are one of those who think a long-sleeved wedding outfit indicates a conservative, cautious attitude, and then let us change your mindset with our amazing collection. Long sleeve wedding dresses can make a serious fashion statement. From quiet and conventional to exquisite and romantic to fiercely modern, the past few season of bridal runway collections confirm that extended sleeves can be just as avant-garde as other, more skin-bearing dresses.

Choosing long sleeve wedding dresses also allow you play with your own personal design and show off intricate design information. To make up for the extra hand fabric, a simple chain and tiny bracelets provide perfect complements to a long sleeve wedding gown. If you still feel like you're missing that fashion statement, go for a long sleeve wedding dress with a bold open back or attractive illusion neckline. You will only wear it for just one day‎, ‎ but make that day even more unforgettable with our different collections of long sleeved‎ dresses. These wedding dresses fuse simplicity, style and elegance‎ together.‎

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A Line Wedding Dresses by Adasbridal

Modest and simple, A-line wedding dresses become a popular choice among brides. Featuring a close-fitted bodice and a skirt flaring away right below the natural waist as well as lightly skimming the hips, A-line wedding dresses fit almost all body shapes. Giving petite brides a taller appearance, adding feminine curves to a straight figure, de-emphasizing wide waistlines and hiding a heavier bottom half, A-line silhouette boasts many figure-flattering virtues.

To infuse femininity back into the post-World War II lives of ladies everywhere, Christian Dior create A-line wedding dresses in 1955. Emphasizing the bosom, a narrow waist and full hips, Dior’s A-line wedding dresses in his Spring-Summer Collection doubtlessly set the world on fine. On April 18, 1965, Grace Kelly wore an A-line wedding dress on her big day to become Princess Grace of Monaco. From then on, A-line wedding dress had another name, that is, “Princess Wedding Dresses”.

A traditional A-line wedding dress is often made with slightly heavier fabric to retain a true A-line structure. Adoring Dress’s A-line wedding dresses well inherit this aspect and are made fully of satin, lace, tulle and chiffon. Within three or four layers of voile or hard english net, the dramatic type A can be perfectly presented.

Adasbridal has been dedicated in creating the fittest dresses for our customers. To ensure that the dress you ordered can flaunt your curves and fit you in any aspects, they suggest you tell us the secret number of your body. If you order a piece of A-line wedding dress with cap-sleeves, please tell us your armhole. At Adasbridal, hundreds of A-line wedding dresses are waiting for you to choose.

Taking your pick from Adasbridal's wide collection of A-line wedding dresses, our expert tailors can free you from the hassle of altering your dress. In addition, our cheap A-line wedding dresses of high quality will help you save a lot of money to begin a romantic honeymoon.
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