Saturday, 26 February 2011

All about the lashes...

I know its been 4 days but ive been so tired so sorry guys ...

I decided to do a little kind of tips and tricks guide for lashes as ive been really amazed from the results ive been seeing lately from myne. 

Products that claim to make your lashes longer.
OK so i know there is loads of products out there such as rapid lash etc that are like magic potions and make your lashes longer , the reviews have been positive but i have never tried them . To be honest £39.99 is a risk for a bottle that might not work i also had more important things to buy. There are loads of products out there that claim to grow your lashes and 75% of the reviews ive read have said they do. If your on a low budget or just dont want to waste your money best thing i can suggest are youtube reviews and reviews on forums etc. Remember most of these products need at least a month to start seeing results.

Natural ways to lengthen your lashes
Vaseline is amazing it does not only help style them naturally but because it moisturizes them it helps them grow thicker , longer and more ... This for me is the best way its so skin friendly hence the natural ways , i mean it still has chemicals but imagine what a product that is liquid and with a stroke of it magically grows your lashes -how much chemicals that contains. Rub Vaseline on your eyelashes morning and night and slowly you should see a difference and feel one too. Vaseline tub costs around £1.00-£3.00 ... 

The makeup way of lashes.
I never believed in a primer , i thought it was just another way to get me to buy something extra . I was looking at reviews and i was desperate to find something good for my lashes when i came across Clinique Primer it comes in a white tube and costs around £10.00 . The reviews were five stars it claimed that the product helps condition and keep them healthy whilst helping them grow and giving you a good mascara effect. O-M-G wow ... The other day i was looking in the mirror and i was like these lashes have grown and its ever since i was using this product. All you do is apply it before putting your mascara on (primer) and your done. Trust me on this ...

Eyelash Treatments 
Some people really do suffer from short eyelashes and straight ones so here are some methods i know of. If you have straight eyelashes go get them permed its the best thing especially for summer . Same goes for tinting your eyelashes , this can instantly give them a fuller effect and are good for a natural summer look. Eyelash extensions i have never had them done but have heard they really pull your eyelashes out when you have take them off however its a good permanent solution for people who dont have as long eyelashes. 

Do NOT pull out your eyelashes 
Be careful when removing eye makeup your lashes will come out if youre all tough. 
If your going to wear false eyelashes do not wear them everyday and try not to put too much glue and not to place them to near to your lashes unless you want them to come out. 
Take notice when experimenting with different products how your lashes react.
Keep your mascara brushes (wash them) they come in so handy trust me...
Remember its the mascara brush that does the work not the formula so when picking out a mascara check the wand. 
Summer Look : Vaseline , black lash tint and a perm :)

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