Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Bio Detox Bourjois Foundation

Ok guys so a foundation that we all hope will work miracles...
It claims to be good for people who live in a polluted environment, have oily skin, is really natural and organic and stuff. 
Im not going to go into the ingredients because there have been so many reviews you can easily get hold of it. 

Ok first picture is exactly how it comes no box or nothing as i said the packaging is real nice. 
Second picture is the swatch of the foundation. Notice the right hand side is the formula when first applied and in a matter of seconds it becomes powder like ,shown on the left hand side. 

Lets start with some basic questions.
How much was it ? £11.99 
 Is the packaging good ? Yes , it looks like glass but its not ,it has a pump as well.
A wide range of color's available ? No i wouldn't say there is. 
What is the texture like ? Liquid and turns into matte powder id say.
How does it feel ? Light ,fresh.
How long would it last ? I used it 3 times and its gone down quite a bit so i definitely would say it would not be a long lasting foundation. 
Coverage ? Good

My opinion ?
Ok so i was soooooooo excited to use this , i am really into things organic and detox and stuff so i made sure i got my hands on this straight away. The price was too much for me , i mean if it did its a job i would say ok but it didnt seem to work for me. So the first day i started using it i found it was soooo hard to work with it dried on my skin so quick i didnt have time to blend. When i did blend after it dried on my skin it peeled off ; thats not really the best word to describe it; it was kind of like i was wiping it off... sounds weird but yeah. I managed to wear it out and see what it was like and  i loved the coverage but i was constantly worried incase it flaked away. The next morning when i woke up I had broke out all over my face :( 

It has been a week since i last used the product and they still have not gone. I know my skin pattern and this was completely out of place. This could be the whole detox process but im not risking trying this anymore as its making my skin look terrible. I have now resulted to feeding my skin a mask every 2 days so it calms down.

If you could hate it ?
I would change the texture you have to work with to apply it to the skin & I would change the break out it causes. 

If you could love it ?
Keep it organic and oil free !!!

Bourjois for me is a great company my favorite mascara is from there (which i will review at some point) this is their only product that let me down , my skin. Because it did not work for me it does not mean it wont work for you.. Try it out yourself let me know what you thought and as i always say use me as a guide .

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