Monday, 14 February 2011

California Gurls, Katy Perry inspired nails

California Gurlssssssssssss... 
How amazing are the colours in that video , the glitter & the cute stuff. 

Ok so, how amazing are my nails i made by accident . There is less on my nails than what it seems -trust me. If you want to do this look just follow my steps . 

I used : 
Maybeline Express top& base coat. 
OPI flower to flower ( flutter range) -thats the baby pink colour 
NYC starry silver glitter nail varnish - MUST BUY                                        MORE !!
Sally Hansen diamond strength 
Gems ( specifically aqua flowers , white gems and purple oval gems. )

COPY ME ...shhh!
Any base coat & top coat 
Any clear nail varnish you feel secures best your gems.
Any gems as long as they are purple , aqua and clear.
Any glitter nail polish must be silver.
Any pink nail varnish... pink not baby not hot just pink.

1) Ok so first of all i made sure i had nothing on my nails and then painted a base coat . This stops the nail from getting stained and i find it creates a smooth surface to work with.

2)Then i painted 2 thin layers of my Pink colour and once it brushed some top coat on.  This locks in the main colour and gives it extra shine so it doesnt dull out with all the glitters and stuff.

3) I then painted my Glitter nail varnish again 2 coats . If you are using a glitter nail varnish that contains sequins in which myne did have blue circles when you apply your gems apply them in the areas that dont have any sequins . This instantly creates a gems are all over look. 

4)I applied a layer of my hardening clear nail varnish on my nail and used this as a glue base for my gems to stick.I used my dapping dish which is a small shot glass kind of ... i placed all my gems in there mixed ad using my cotton bud i picked them up and placed them on my nails which creates a random selection of gems going on. Then place another layer of a clear hardening nail varnish to secure them in place.

 Yeahhhhhhhhhh your done !!! 
The glitter helps over do the look you have on your nails . The different coloured gems on your nails clash but in a candy way. 

If you have any questions , tips , requests dont hesitate to contact me @
p.s I am not a qualified nail technician , these are just my tips to anyone who needs them.

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