Friday, 18 February 2011

Haul & Something else...

Guys I promise i was working all day yesterday and i was sooooo tired i fell asleep at 9 pm and woke up 13.5 hours later , YES THAT IS RIGHT...
But before i fell asleep i managed to open my parcel hehe
All goodies were ordered from Superdrug which is a british health and beauty shop . 
Oh my i saved about £20... 
Thank you , thank you and THANK YOU voucher codes. 

Yes so i will start my haul , right NOW.

May i just add before we move on i will be reviewing each and every one of these products .

Here is a large photo so you can identify the products if you want to buy them. 
I have already started using the John frieda serum finishing spray, garnier eye cream roll , revlon lipstick and the pore strips.

May i just add the olay thing you can see was a sample from superdrug yey!!! But im going to give it to my bf's mam as its for older skin. 

Ok so above you can see ...

John Frieda Volumising Hairspray
John Frieda Finishing Gloss
Superdrug's Tea tree oil range - pore strips and a blemish stick .
Revlon lipstick 
& Garnier Roll on eye cream 

Ok so its not a huge bunch of stuff but the importance of these objects is different . 
I mean im already covering /reviewing subjects such as clogged pores,acne, eye bags, dark circles, lasting lipsticks and HAIR which i can never maintain grrr. 

You wont be waiting 10 months for these reviews but a matter of weeks maybe days for some. 
If there is something you want me to review out there let me know !!!
message me for requests or even help in finding the above products !!! 
much love , glitter me up xo

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