Sunday, 20 February 2011

John Frieda Volumising Hairspray 5/5

Oh my ....need i say more.
This product was made for us fine haired women who cant control our hair ...
Or for women who want more volume in their hair.
So heres the gossip...

My hair is fine 
I CANT style it- it just wont do as i say grrrr.I sit and curl my hair and 5 mins later its straight and im like wtf ?!? 
When i tested this product out it was raining & windy . (Why do i need to know this ?!?) Your probs saying well GUESS WHAT ... the volume never left .

Ok so i got the crown piece of my hair which is like the top back end of your skull . I picked up the chunk and layer by layer i back combed until it was all fully in the air like i had had an electric shock .
I then sprayed behind each section and finally spread it all out and laid it flat on my head. Your probs thinking well yeah my hair does that as well if i back comb but see it lasted all day long. It rained, it was windy and it stayed in place (the volume obviously) I could NEVER get my hair to stay up volumised cause it was so fine and weak. 

I recommend this product to anyone who does a lot of backcombing and likes to keep their hair looking volumised, without having to re-do it . Especially people with fine hair that wont style. 

Details you will need to know 
£5.99-£6.99 expect to pay 

However there is normally an offer on if you look at stores such as Tesco , Boots and Superdrug . ( Im only mentioning these places as i have witnessed the offers myself ) . In general you can pretty much find John Frieda everywhere . Online especially , i ordered myne from it was on offer 2 for something (i cant remember).
Europe - im not sure where you can get it , Greece i havent seen it sold their so im not sure guys but i can help you out if you leave a message on facebook . America of course your loaded with this and everywhere else again im not sure if you leave me a message ill find out for you. 

Tips for using this product 
Only use it when you have back combed .
Make sure you spray behind the hair, so the hair facing downwards so the hairspray is not visible and the volume look more natural. 
Dont back comb everyday especially fine hair people !!!

I am not a qualified hairdresser and i have not been sponsored to do these guides. Please do only use this as a guide and dont let me influence you cause what doesnt work on me , may work on you .

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