Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Montagne Jeunesse Anti Blemish Mask 3/5

Ok so this stuff i am hoping is really going to help my oily skin out. Lets try it and see what wonders it can do!!

Positives ...
It is cheap 99p-£1.30 
Easy to find 
You could probably use it 2 times. 
It smells like vix .. you know the stuff you put on your chest . 
It feels fresh on my skin when im wearing it. 
Duration for the mask is 15-20 mins which is good i think for chillaxing in the bath . 

Negatives ...
Its less comfortable than the white chocolate one they have . Its making me want to itch.
The colour on the sachet shows its a bright green but however it turns out to be a white- cream colour. 

Ok so i put it on thicker this time to see how it would turn out . When i wore it it made me itch :/ apart from that everything else was good. My face felt fresh almost as if i had mint on my face. The mask makes you feel like your face is tight but i like that feeling. There was no strong smell :) I was happy with the mask up to now . For the end result my face felt tight  and cool. My skin had calmed down it has not dramatically reduced the size of my blemishes but has calmed the appearance of them. I would buy this again and use it again when my skin was looking stressed and oily.

If i could change you product ?!?
I would give you some colour and a better aroma.

If i could not change anything about you ?!?
Dont ever change the formula !!

1 comment:

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