Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Montagne Jeunesse White Chocolate Face Mask

What is it ? Ultra Deep Cleansing Mask

Smells like..? White chocolate 

Smells a lot? Believe it or not how much it smells is a problem for some people one of them being me , it gives me headaches and i cant sleep at night . Their pomegranate one smelled so much i couldnt keep it on HOWEVER this smells just as much as it should . 

Comfortable?Yes , no itching just feels tight and cool.

Skin Type? It doesnt state .It must be for all.

How long do you keep it on for ? 15-20 mins 

Cost ? 99p-£1.30 

Where do you buy them from ? Your local beauty store , Ebay , http://www.montagnejeunesse.com/ . 

Amount given ? Generous amount, can be used 2 times , thick paste.

Glitter me up thinks ? Ok so guys i am buying this again, its worth the money i paid. But to put it to the test really badly I made sure my spots were looking nice and red , my skin was oily (i know its yuck but thats the only way to see the results) my skin was pretty dull . The after result was skin had lost its shine and felt tight , clean , my spots had calmed down but there was no redness reduction on them neither size reduction . I felt it treated my skin rather than my spots. I would buy again as my face feels soooo clean . 

If I could change you grrrr :( 
I wouldn't!!!

If I could love you more <3 :)
I would buy 5 more packets of you . 

This is just my review /opinion , i am not a certified skin care expert but i do have a qualification as a make up consultant/ eye treatment therapist. This is my opinion dont let it influence you - hopefully it should guide you.
Do look out for more reviews on this brand...

Contact me glittermeup@live.com i want to know everything !!

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