Sunday, 20 February 2011

Ok guys so i want to start off and say thank you so much for the 100 views, i know its nothing compared to other blogs but i didnt expect this in a matter of days. 

I regularly check as well the stats so i know whose looking from where??So i know what products to show and think about how i could help people who might not have that product in their country get their hands on it . 

So far my statistics are saying a lot of Americans are viewing so Hi !!!
and of course hi to the rest of the countries !!!

Anyway moving on....

So yesterday i posted a post on how i have made a fan page for this blog , ok so its early days but this for me is the best way to gather a community and get talking to you guys . I want to see what ages follow me , this is because i want to make sure the products im showing you are appealing to your age group ...

Why would you need a wrinkle cream when your a teenager ? Or why would you want to know about acne at an older age? (Some women do still get it but its very rare).

So yes please join my facebook group , i want to get to know you guys so much better !!! 

heres the link

Ok and yes i do realise i have a small amount of peeps following me but hey everyone starts somewere !!!

Please press like to keep up to date with each post .
Thank you Glitter me up xo

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