Friday, 18 February 2011

Superdrug Tea Tree Oil Spot Stick 4/5

This is a blemish stick that is supposed to help blemishes obviously... Heres the description straight from the website...

''Great on the spot antibacterial action for use anytime, anywhere!
Tea Tree oil originates from Australia. It is a natural antibacterial agent known for its antiseptic healing properties. Peppermint oil is renowned for its therapeutic effect on skin disorders and for its cooling sensation.
Tea Tree – The Natural solution for everyday skincare problems. ''

Ok so i can tell you so far ...
This is not a quick solution ,i have had the formula on for 15 mins and nothing has really changed. The redness is still there so is the blemish size. Wether it has cleaned up the area ,well probably as it is an antiseptic. The cooling effect it talks about is soooo true thanks to the peppermint in this formula it feels as if i have applied chewing gum directly to my face which makes my eyes sting a little but hey as long as it doing its job .

I loved its cooling sensation and its smell cause it instantly made me feel like my skin is clean & tight . 

I hate the slow effect it has on blemishes but i can cope with it . 

To buy this you will need to go to superdrug itself or online at were you will find the tea tree range. This product can be found for only £2.99 and there is always some offer on such as 2 for 3 or buy 2 for £ however much.

The product itself comes in like a lipgloss tube and has a wand which is exactly like the lipgloss ones . The formula is like gel and smells of peppermint mostly.  

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