Monday, 21 February 2011

Treatment for Scars, Acne, blemishes, oily skin & blackheads etc

Today i thought i would do something a little bit different and give you some tips  on that bad skin day .
Yes you heard me right skin day ...
We all suffer from that day , wether it was from drinking lots of alchohol or a week of constant chocolate ...
Its a pain in the backside wanting to fix your skin and not knowing how .

So let me show you how i do it ...

You will need :

Face mask (for deep cleansing , de stress or a face mask with aloe vera, lavender or tea tree oil .)

Face scrub (preferably Vitamin E guys -this helps repair the skin,or any that is for calming skin or blemished skin )
an alternative to a scrub is an exfoliating sponge which is a tear drop palm sized shape and all you do is rub a bit of your cleanser or soap and its a scrub. 

Blackhead tool (this helps get blackheads out of the skin)

Nose strips (that clear the pores, i think you can get chin ones as well so get one of them too if you can. )

Daily Face Cream (what you use in general)

Cleanser & Toner 

Cotton pads 


Eye cream 

INSTRUCTIONS (please can i remind you this is not a professional method this is how i do it )

1)Wash your face to make sure it is completely free of any bacteria etc or alternatively you can cleanse and tone your face . 

2)Using your blackhead tool remove any blackheads you see on your skin or blemishes -if you are going to use your nails please make sure your hands are very clean, but try not to use them.

3) Once removing them cleanse and tone your skin. 

4) Get your pore strips and place them on your nose and take them off when ready. 

5) Place your chosen face mask on your face and sit and relax . ( You will notice your skin is red from all the squeezing and what so do not worry this is the whole point of the mask to relax your skin as well as you. If your skin is just scarred using a mask will give it all the essential vitamins it needs to create a healthier layer of skin )

6) Take off your mask with hot water and exfoliate . (The exfoliation helps get rid of any dead skin cells -especially good for scarring.)

7) Wash it off and using a CLEAN face towel dry pat your face . ( Face towel yes you should have one of those that is yours , you dont realise sharing a face towel with someone else is rubbing their bacteria all over your face . Its important as well that you have 2 and as soon as one is washed you put the other in the laundry bin it works out for me every 3 days ...) 

8) Apply your chosen face cream and eye cream .

9) Rub some vaseline on your lips, brows and eyelashes ... This will give them a natural glow , help them grow more , make them thicker and your lips will be moisturized .

That is my mini spa facial i hope you love your new glowing face !!!
glittermeup xo

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