Sunday, 20 February 2011

Update on the blog

I have been following a few tutorials on how to get this blog looking a bit more jazzy ...

I am planning on getting photos added when i am doing tutorials on makeup /hair etc to make it easier for you to understand step by step ... but this might be in a few weeks as i really need someone to take the shots . 

I have set up a facebook like page for this blog to make life easier and on the right hand side you should see a little like button for the page please do press like .

I am planning on hosting competitions my first one will be as soon as we reach 100 fans on facebook . 

I have been doing my research and have found a few companies that deliver world wide and i have been asking them if they would give us a special voucher code for you guys also notice the delivery world wide so all of you can access this !!!

My email is checked daily or contact me on the like facebook page shown on the right >>>

My aim is to talk about products at least twice daily...

The will be some mens  product reviews coming up 

Thats all the updates for now .... glittermeup xo

1 comment:

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