Monday, 21 February 2011




If you knew how much of a miracle this product is you would be shocked . 

I found out the other day this helps grow lashes thicker and longer same for brows because it moisturizes them.

For £2.00 and less i can do this ...
Theres new products out now that grow lashes for £40.00 and so on , no thank you . 
Because apparently this little thing does the same thing and more naturally. 

I never thought of vaseline as something helpful until i found out men use it sometimes to put on their hands when working with oils etc 
For wounds 
Dry Skin 
Primer - yes ... for eyeshadows . 
To make mascara with and the list goes on ...

You must own a tub of this and keep a mini version at all times with you and a big version at home . 

If you are young and cant wear makeup yet by placing a little bit on your eye lashes it creates the same effect as wearing mascara minus the black colouring . 
In general however it is a good way to feel confident about your eyelashes even when your makeup is off !!!

Please , please go stock up !!! 
We love you Vaseline <3 

By the way i am currently trying out the whole makes your eyelashes longer and eyebrows so i will review that at some point .

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