Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Why going to sleep is so important

While you are sleeping did you know your body works overtime and makes loads of changes to your body . 
Hence the waking up with weird eyes and oily skin, sweating etc etc...
I thought i would do a few rules before bedtime that you should follow because i recommend or because science does oh and your body .

First rule is water which is easy as long as your not being too fussy about it . I dont get how people dont like the taste of water, that is impossible. Water doesnt taste of anything unless its sweet or whatever . I can always remember doing P.E (sport) at school and at the end of the lesson everyone would drink Coke . I was one of the few who drank water , i never used to understand how or why . The truth is its the sugar which makes you crave sugar instead of craving water and obviously overpowers the water craving and there you go

Tip : If you really do not like water , try drinking it like you drank that vodka on Saturday night that tasted disgusting -NO excuses !!!!

My point is its a must we drink water, a giant bottle of it as well a day if possible. Where does this link into ?!? Well before i go to bed i make sure i drink lots of water that i didnt drink during the day and result !! While your sleeping your body has so much water it is washing out toxins and makes things so much easier... 

Note: You will notice my night time routine is more than my morning routine as this is were i feel all the work gets done twice as fast. 

Face cream ... dont complain your skin isnt hydrated or your cream isnt doing what it says because you are too lazy to apply some cream. Put your cream on , let it soak into your skin and then go to sleep -its basically a mini facial . 

Tip: You dont necessarily have to buy night cream, i mean obviously it is designed especially for that but that is up to you i use my everyday moisturizer  which is CLINIQUE DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT gel (one is sold every 3 secs apparently). 

Eye cream ... I hate people who complain about their eye circles or bags when they clearly dont look after them. Yeah you might have genetically good eyes but at some point when your older and your metabolism goes boom it will be too late. Make sure you use an eye cream specifically designed for what you need and do eye treats (cucumber slices which cools down eyes and reduces size of bags ) or massaging which helps the blood to circulate even more. 

Tip: Eye creams are really cheap to expensive , sometimes they are included as part of your moisturizer which for me didnt work. My Clinique cream that i mentioned above states that its for eyes and lips . I stopped using my eye cream and just used cliniques cream and i really felt they became dull. This might not be the same case for you though... the cheapest eye cream i can recommend is Garnier Active Eye Roll (£5-£8) and an expensive one is Korres Evening primrose (£20-£30) both are excellent !!!

Lips .. i never have dry lips because they are always moisturized. Put a lip balm on before you go to sleep for natural glowing lips and not last minute horrible things. I use my clinique cream over my lips daily that i mentioned earlier and the odd time lip balm . 

Did you know : I read some where that you can use your eye cream on your lips as well as it is the same texture ... 

Hair ... make sure it is tied up out of the way of your face to stop extra oil going on your face and slowing down the process. 

Cushion ... same here wash you cushion at least once a week. 

Body... I use cocoa butter all over my body before i go to sleep it is perfect . May i say as well that cocoa butter has the best results as an everyday body butter ...stretch marks, hides scars , tones skin... however it is oily so i dont recommend for the face. 

You get my drift ... Follow these rules and add more if you can such as eating fruit before you sleep etc etc i promise you will wake up glowing and soft :)

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