Thursday, 24 March 2011

Benefit Miss Popularity 4/5

Benefit for me has really good products that always seem to have an aim that is achievable. 
I can remember when i was 16 i used to wear my eyes smokey all the time. 
I can remember going by the benefit counter and asking wether they sold an eyeshadow that wouldnt crease.
She showed me these cream eyeshadows which i wasnt really liking the sound of as i always feel like if its cream it will crease .
I bought it and omg it just never came off. 
I bet if i had put an eye primer on it it would have been 100x better.

I did my research ever since then and bought loads of their items and loved them this being one.

Miss Popularity precision highlighter for eyes and face.
First of all the packaging is always amazing by benefit so it gets full marks there. 
I love the wand as well that you apply it with.
The only pain in the backside is you lose a lot of the product when you are applying it due to its powdery form. 

The product itself has a shimmer to it which i really like only for night time. 
I use it more underneath my eyes and blend it to my cheekbones to create a ''i dont have any eyebags or black eye'' look.

The only thing that let me down about the product was i felt it gave more of a superficial feel to my look rather than a natural look. 
Well rested by Bare Escentuals does the BEST product i have ever used . Its a mineral powder you just wipe it over your eyes and you look AMAZING. 
Please do go and try that ( i will do a review.)

Thats the thing Well rested gives a really natural looking look to my face where as miss popularity's shimmer gives away im faking it.

It is classed as a highlighter though so i guess they have a point. 
I wouldnt purposely go out and buy this product but if i received it as a gift i would love it or if i happened to have some extra cash i would buy it.

It is more expensive though 
Considering you dont get much product.
I recommend this for highlighting your brow or adding a touch of shimmer to your face. 

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