Monday, 21 March 2011

Black eyeliner trick

Daytime look ? Smokey eye look ? 
This is the trick for you . 

You will need your favourite eyeliner wether its a jumbo or normal size one and a cotton bud. 

To start off ...
I am using Lancome Le Crayon Kohl Noir for anyone who is interested. 
Oh and its a good eyeliner .

Ive used my hand to demonstrate this , now obviously you will be using this on your top lash line or bottom or maybe you could even create a eye shadow out of this and blend it with some grey. 

So as you can see that is the color once i apply eyeliner. 
Notice its very dark and hard edged. 
This is a really difficult look to wear if its daytime and also if your wearing a smokey eye too (instead of the smokey-ness it brings attention to the eyeliner -smoke blends in , hard edged eyeliner doesnt. )

Get your cotton bud , im using Johnsons cotton buds for anyone interested. 
And start rubbing back and forth LIGHTLY. 

Youre not taking the eyeliner off but blending it . This should create a smokey effect that blends in better with your eye. 
You can use whatever is left on the bud as well to create a light shadow on the bottom lashes. 

Thats it , really simple and easy. 
Professional makeup artists always have a box of Earbuds/Q-tips because they are so handy. 

Lancome eyeliner has been sharpened down by the way thats why its so small. 
Last but not least if you have trouble applying your eyeliner because it wont glide but it somewere warm and it will melt making it more soft. 

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