Thursday, 17 March 2011

Chanel Les 4 Ombres (79 Spices) 5/5

Chanel is one of my favourite high end makeup. 
I personally think it is better than MAC . 
What i actually did was , i noticed what makeup artists had on their desks when a celebrity was getting interviewed while getting her makeup done. 
Chanel was constantly cropping up. 
So i tried it and fell in love. 

Anyway today im reviewing the Chanel les 4 ombres in 79 Spices. 
This retails highly at $30-$70 
I think i paid about 40 euro for myne. 
Obviously you can get chanel at your local beauty store or online. 
I bought myne in Greece. 

I always buy neutrals because of my dark features , i feel it helps enhance my face more . 
This is why you will notice most eyeshadows i review are neutrals. 
I have kept this for night time only because it is expensive and when you actually apply this stuff its too good to have on for everyday , so i save it for the night. 

The container i love and their packaging. 
It comes with a velvet pouch and 2 eyeshadow applicators. 
It has a big enough mirror inside to do your eye makeup with. 
The only thing i dont like about this is the fact it gets dirty easily due to the eyeshadow powder. 
But i can cope afterall this is Chanel.

The product itself comes with 4 different eyeshadows. 
The name of each of them is not mentioned. 
Ill describe them first one is a pearl like color (great for a highlighter)
Second on is a dark peach-bronze.
Third is a Gold-Bronze 
Fourth is a Dark Brown .
They all have a shade of glitter in thats why i said it looks better for night time.

The quality of the applicators are ok but i mean its so much easier using an eyeshadow brush.
The eyeshadows feel soft,smooth and powdery but they are so easy to blend. 
They are pigmented as well. 

In general what i love about these eyeshadows is the quality that i pay for meets my needs. 
They last long as eyeshadows and they last long on my eyes as well. 
They are also true to their color. 
I recommend trying these out if you can afford them. 

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