Friday, 18 March 2011

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (oily skin) 4/5

There are two formulas a cream and a gel. 
The gel is water based for oily skin .
The cream is moisturizing and thick especially for dry skin.
Apparently it is sold every 2-3 seconds . 
I have noticed though the huge raves this product has is more aimed towards the cream formula rather than the gel. 

The bottle i have is actually limited edition (bigger size) 200ml.
I bought it for £30 or £35 
You can get this on ebay if you want it cheaper or you can get a mini trial of it for less than £10 plus 2 other products from their 3-step range.

My skin is oily and is prone to acne. 
Cream is supposed to improve skins texture and it is oil free and conditions skin. 
I feel it is an excellent primer (i always apply it before makeup because its so light.)
It feels great on my skin and is addictive, i have been using this for over a year and i can go back because the formula feels so good on my skin. 
It feels like its water based and has no aroma .
Which i also like..
It is so pure and skin friendly you can use it all over your lips and eyes as well.
I feel it controls my skin but doesnt help my acne. Thats the only downside...

The formula is water like and you can tell on the photos. 
The color is yellow-cream but its almost see through.

I love this cream but its not that good for acne . 
I believe most people who have oily skin suffer from these type of problems so i dont see why it wasnt included in. 
The formula is great as well. 
I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a lightweight formula, it is also good for younger skin. 
It feels so fresh and cooling for summer time.

I would buy it again but i would have to be using it with a cream that specializes in acne prone skin. 

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