Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Collection 2000 Color Intense Trio 2/5 & What to do with unwanted eyeshadows

Sandcastle is the color for anyone interested that i have in the photo.

Today i went to Boots and i was spending all my points on my card and i had like  £2.00 left and i was like what do i get and then i remembered Collection 2000. For all of you who do not know its a makeup brand as far as i know and it is very low price a bit like NYC pricing id say maybe cheaper. I seen these eyeshadows and was like ok ill buy them , as i loveeee my neutrals. 

First of all let me comment on the packaging, I love it. Not for the design or feel more for the convenience of it. I hate eyeshadow packaging that is so fragile it breaks and causes lots of powder all over the place. This is not like that , i dont know if you can tell by the photo but the eyeshadow case is thick meaning if it broke it would still not effect my eyeshadow. Its very simple but hey it was £1.99... Easy to open. Also i like how its see through it saves me having to memorize what it looks like.

The fun part now ...

The eyeshadow itself has a shimmer tint to it , the texture is smooth rather than powdery i would say and is not very pigmented. Swatches are shown in photos (one swipe) Ok so put it this way i tried to swatch them on my hand and there was just no way you would be able to see them as you can only identify a shimmer. I wasnt relying on them to be good i mean come on £1.99 for 3 eyeshadows however i did find something else i loved . 

Focus ...Highlighter 

Ok so they might not have been pigmented but for me they were fantastic highlighters and they have become my new highlighters for my eyes. This is definitely no Urban Decay Shadows but everything has a use. I did think of these as a night time look but since the shadows arent as bright , i would alter this thought to day time for eyeshadows and highlighting for all looks.

So in general heres a few i thought of that might be helpful for you if you do have some eyeshadows that are bad pigmented ... 

If they are neutral colors use them as highlights for your brow bone . 

If they are cream based you could probably get away from using them on your key bone areas as it will blend in more. 

Use them as a base for your eyeshadows to help bring a shimmer forward.

Use them in the corners of your eyes to help brighten and awaken tired looking eyes.

Colorful eyeshadows can also be used for all of these above things. 

Try damping your eyeshadow brush to help brighten the color more.

If you still dont like them i suggest keeping them for emergencies / practice or donating them to someone who will actually find use from them. 

Swatches are like that in actual life its not the flash.

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