Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Collection 2000 Concealer 2/5

So this concealer costs around £2-£3 
I bought it from Boots. 
I really didnt expect it to be great however that didnt mean i wasnt still disappointed. 

Packaging is very plain and cheap looking. I dont think theres a need for that , i mean look at elf cosmetics (, if you didnt know they were elf you would think they were some high designer just by the packaging. 
It comes in a classic concealer package being the lipstick. 
It doesnt come with instructions or anything. 
Not that you would need them but i do believe a company that takes their brand seriously will invest in a box for the concealer to go in and some instructions or something. 

The concealer itself is a dry , not blend-able type of texture. 
When you swatch it the first time it looks really thick. 
Once you start blending in- which you would , it then starts to go all chalky and becomes really hard to work with. 
When you blend a concealer your supposed to help it blend in with your skin tone whilst making it still 100% full coverage . 
This concealer gets blended and gets absorbed by your skin almost , which means eventually there is no coverage. 

I would not buy this again , i only would if i couldnt afford anything better. 
I think for the price you get what you buy. 
Its gets 2 points for providing something on the market as low priced as that and for the effort. 

I do love collection 2000 for the eyeliner glitters (which i will do a review on) 
I have every color and they are £2.95 but they are worth it !!!
Try them out!
Do try out the concealer as well but expect light coverage and i wouldnt recommend for dry skin!

For anyone interested the shade i use on my photos is '' 1 light translucent''.

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