Thursday, 17 March 2011

Fashion Accessory SS11- Flower Power

Here in England all the girls are wearing the hottest fashion accesory...
Flower hair ties/bands. 
They look so great for summer i had to invest in one myself. 
I found this one at Peacocks (
I think it was about £3-£4 around 5 euro. 
Im not going to sit and tell you its the best quality because its not but its perfect until it goes out of fashion. 
There are some pieces of fashion i dont invest lots of money in because i know theyre not as much in the spotlight or they will go out fast. 
This i bought in a cream/brown color because i wanted to be able to wear it with everything and obviously in summer we tend to wear white so i knew it would go. 
This comes in the form of a headband, i chose this cause i knew if i wanted to i could use this as a hair tie or a hair band at any time. 
This is so big however that it is hard to get away with it as an everyday look. 
Im going to use for night outs  instead. 
Now here are a few flowers i found for you too. 

Peacocks £1.50
Asos £4

2adorn RRP£35.00 NOW £15.50

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