Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Fine hair tips

I know how horrible it is when your in the shower or your brushing your hair and lots of hair is falling out . 
I know how much of pain it can be when you tie your hair back and you have thinner patches of hair which you can see your scalp through. 
I know whats its like trying to work with your hair when it just wont co-operate.
Not having healthy looking hair..

I have fine hair and i hate it :/
But there is a solution for everything ...
Experimenting .
I have tried chemist products,herbal products ...shampoos for fine hair (yeah right).
Nothing ever worked they either dried my hair out and made it big.
Or they made it fall out more. 

Dont get me wrong my hair does not have any bald patches but it is thin to an extent were i must apply a product after showering to give it that vavavoom.

John Frieda is my miracle 
Brunnette volumising range for me especially.
The John Frieda volumising spray with heat protectant. 
My list can go on i highly recommend you try his products out you can get them at a supermarket here in England and practically everywere and best of all they are sooooo cheap. 
They smell good too.
But i dont want to get into that as im here to share tips and tricks.

You must invest in a paddle brush (aveda has a good quality one) and a wide tooth comb. 
Paddle brush is kind to fine hair and only use it when your hair is dry however the wide tooth comb should be used when your hair is wet to make sure it doesnt break your hair.

Snag Ease Hair Bobbles/Ties
I have been using these for 2 weeks and the difference is amazing they dont have the metal bit so they dont snap your hair, you can get them at your local hair accessory store.

Hair mask 
I actually use a hair mask instead of a conditioner (Herbal Essenses Beautiful Ends) <<<as stated make sure you use a hair mask aimed at keeping your hair strong especially the ends ,this is good for people like me who want to grow their hair out. If not buy a mask for fine hair ,for volume or whatever you think your hair needs. Ever since using myne i have found my hair has improved 100% i can style it , its shiny and soft.It actually feels very healthy.

Correct shampoo/conditioner
I cant advise you on this as i think its what works on everyone i do use the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette shampoo for volume but as stated above i use a hair mask instead of a conditioner. Make sure you take note when you are experimenting if it makes your hair fall out if it makes it dry or even dull.

Heat Protectant
You must use this at all times , i dont have a preffered one but John Frieda aftercare products do have it already in. There are different types again whatever suits you but make sure you comb it through afterwards so it evenly spreads especially on the ends of your hair.

Aftercare (before drying your hair)
You must use after your heat protectant a volumising spray mousse whatever you prefer i use a spray (John Frieda volume spray -blue colored range) and then comb through . This is just another way to give extra volume and i defos think its a must.

Random tips 
Always make sure you are noticing your paddle brush how much hair it collects , this is a good way to see how much you have lost and if it has improved or not.
Dont use heat on your hair all the time , let it dry naturally , or do some natural waves in your hair. 
If you are reading this and you know your hair is pretty bad condition i suggest cutting it short just above the shoulders and starting fresh. This is what ive done and my hair is grown 100 x better and faster because im looking after it so well.
Dont bleach,perm or dye your hair often , if you must do it once every 2 months at least. 
Make sure in summer you have a protectant on your hair and in winter you tie your hair up to protect it.
It is also important to train your hair every 3 days to get washed 

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