Monday, 14 March 2011

Foundation shopping

If there is something i hate its foundation shopping ..

Its expensive if you dont get the right one 
It can be a pain for your skin such as breaking you out and causing allergic reactions
You have to get the right shade
You never can get the right shade 
It has to be comfortable for your skin

So many years i have been wearing it and i still havent found my one true love. 
However i have realized a lot of things from my mistakes and have gathered some tips based on my experience on how to choose a foundation and what to look out for . By the way i do a review on every foundation i have used ,my second one should be coming soon. 

Tips and tricks.
Foundation is like some paint you have to sometimes mix to get the right color 

The one mistake i have done following the above statement is always chuck away the foundation if for some reason it wasnt working for me. WRONGGGG. Even is your foundation is a shade lighter or a shade or two darker keep them because you can mix them to blend the perfect color for your skin when your struggling. They are also good for emergencies ,i mean a too pale foundation can be topped up with bronzer and a darker foundation can be worn if you put some self tan on.

Its important as well to know what feels goof for your skin/skin type.

I am obsessed with mineral powder foundation its the only one i can put on and i feel no guilt for. It also looks very natural and is build-able without a caky effect. It is also good for my skin , mineral powders are so pure you can sleep in them and it wouldnt do harm to your skin. I personally love wearing them during summer when your pores are more open and during daytime for a natural look. On a night time i do feel like i want a liquid form foundation to give me that flawless glam look. Always check the bottle to see for what skin type it is aimed for and when buying a mineral foundation make sure its 100%.

Matching it to your skin tone.

Its my biggest fault not because i cant but because i can never find a shade that is the same as my skin ...this would be when the mixing trick would come handy if you have the same problem. When i did my makeup consultant course the teacher actually told us the correct way to see your true skin color is on your face. That means when you are in a store you ask for some makeup remover from the lady behind the makeup counter take a patch off were your neck meets your face and start matching. I always had a query about this as my whole body is tanned but for some reason my chest above goes pale and all the women used to swatch my hand and be like yeahh this is your shade and i would wear it and look like i was orange. My tip is always swatch your true color from your face never the back of your hand!!!

Foundation Brush style

Fingers isnt an option, yes it helps melt the foundation on your hands and does give good coverage as none is being absorbed but think about the fact your hands have been everywere ,you are just spreading more oil to your pores. Foundation brush is good but is streaky, a buffer brush mostly used for mineral is good as well as it picks up the powder but the best for me is the stippling brush (shown above) is the best for creating an airbrush effect. It is important final step to have the right brush with the right foundation. 

It is really important you experiment , it is pricey but theres no other way about it , i am still experimenting on finding the right foundation with the right brush. Im currently using Loreals Mineral Powder foundation (95%) which comes with a brush however the color isnt working for me , its too dark . Im waiting on going out to buy a new one in a lighter shade and then i will review for anyone interested. 

Skin Type 

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