Saturday, 19 March 2011

General Chit Chat

Its really hard at the moment to write about articles and review things as ive had to send all my stuff to Greece. 
So for about a week or two please bare with me until i get over there and start doing some fun tutorials and reviews . 

I am planning on showing you some herbal remedies for dry hands etc I always think they are so interesting and pure for your skin.
I was thinking about doing videos but im not sure on that idea yet- i mean if i was to do them, i would show you products and things that are hard to describe when writing. 

I have been trying to find some small shops that specialize in hand made objects , i just dont think theres enough recognition for them out there and they are a new trend in peoples lives. I do believe that handmade is more luxury than factory made because they pay attention to every detail. 

I have planned lots of nail tutorials as well. 
Trust me in about 2 weeks time you will be getting some really big stuff coming your way. 

If you are a business who is looking at my blog please feel free to email me at and if you are a reader and need help with something or you want me to test a product out for you ...again the same email adress. 

Thank you Glitter me up xo   

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