Sunday, 13 March 2011

Hair Design hair accessories 5/5

Hair Design is the brand 
I purchased these from Tesco (supermarket)
They were on offer 3 for 2 ...
I got the combs , the elastic bands and the wide clips.

Lets start of with the combs...
(left hand side)
So I actually wanted a tail comb and i couldnt find one anywhere and as i was looking i came across this pack and then the label and then the offer ...haha
The bad thing is i can only remember round about how much i paid ...
I think it was about £3 
The photo below shows the different combs i got ...
Starting from the left hand side this is a wide tooth comb these are good for combing your hair when you have hair dye on or a hair mask . They are also good for combing your hair when wet ..this is the only comb you should allow yourself to comb your hair with when it is wet , this is because obviously its wide and doesnt damage the hair at its weakest point (when it is wet).

The tail comb now i personally wanted one of these because the teeth on the comb are so close together for me its the best for backcombing and the tail is good for sectioning your hair and using it whilst styling hair as it provides an accurate straight line.(the comb is also good for doing foils a lot of hairdressers use this comb end to shape the foil with)

This next one is your average comb with tail comb like teeth at the end which gradually get bigger . This is good for general combing you can also backcomb with this comb and just comb your hair whilst styling as its smaller and more accurate. 

Last but not least this comb i have not got a clue about and had to google this to find out what its actually for as the comb teeth are smaller then larger.So the bottom part is used for exactly the same reasons as the wide tooth comb it also helps detangle and the top part is to smooth and detangle hair ...
^^ this is the website i found whilst googling and used this information to answer for the last comb i had no clue about.

These combs in general for me were excellent value and good quality even though plastic i defos recommend to anyone who can find these to buy them they get 5/5 for me .

Next up i got these lovely elastic bands for about £1.50 and i got 80.

These are sooooo cute and they are apparently snag ease which means they dont damage your hair. 
The quality of them is amazing may i add they are really thick and come in clear,blue,purple,pink,orange and yellow colors. I totally think these were underpriced for the quality i received.

These are good for using when braiding your hair and smaller hairstyles. 


Finally i got these bobby pins which have a larger gap. 

The bobby pin is on the top of the packet for any of you who want to see the width of it. These i didnt know were good until i saw a tutorial on youtube where she was doing hair designs and was using them and i always wondered why my hair would pin back with an average bobby pin. 
I got 40 of these and they cost about £1.50 

Use these to do fancy hairstyles such as wedding ,prom and any other hairstyle that requires a lot of hair being pinned pack !! 
Make sure you get them in your hair color . 


In general Hair designs has not failed to impress me and i have bought their snag free bobbles as well but sadly i cant find any website that sells their products or shows the company. :(
Get down to tesco and stock up !!! 

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