Sunday, 20 March 2011

Herbal Remedy for scaring,pigmentation,pimples etc

So i decided to do a herbal remedy to show you guys and this is especially for the face but if you want you can use it on your body. 
The lemon that you use is for whitening the skin.
The sugar for exfoliating
The coffee for caffeine gets things going.
So obviously these combined help the blood flow to work faster, remove dead skin cells and help lighten scars.

You will need:
1x lemon (organic and fresh if you can) 
5 x tbs of sugar (the bigger the granules the better)
1x pinch of coffee granules
1x mortal and pestle (or anything similar you have)
1x cotton wool pad 

To start off i got my lemon and squeezed it and poured 6 table spoons of it in my bowl. 
The lemon you use is up to you however keep in mind that this is going on your skin so the more organic the better. 

Then i got my sugar and added 5 table spoons of it in my bowl .
It doesnt really matter how small the pieces are , the sugar i used was really granulated so the pieces were tiny. Also dont worry when grinding it it wont dissolve it trust me. 

I added a pinch of coffee. 
If you add to much coffee then it will take over the lemons role in this , so by adding a pinch im allowing it to be diluted and at the same time provide some caffeine, i feel it also gives skin a warm healthy glow. 

Then you will mix them all together grinding it.
This is not garlic remember , think of it as a mixing whilst pressing. 

Once your done (about 1 min later) it should be a brown paste. Get your cotton wool pad and soak the top gently , then wipe it all over your face. 
You should notice when wiping it on your face, that you can feel the sugar thats because all the sugar is at the bottom of the bowl. Leave it there because we want first of all to make sure your face absorbs the moisture of the lemon-leave it for about 1 min on your face. 

Then using your fingers grab some of the sugar from the bottom with the liquid and start exfoliating your face concentrating more on the worst areas. 
Gently exfoliate and make sure your near a tap or in the bath because this gets sticky. 

Wash your face with plain tap water.

Then pat your face dry with your face towel.

Finally after about 1 minute add your favorite moisturizer. 

Your skin should feel the softest it has ever felt. 

Continue to do this routine once every week , doing it more will be harsh for your skin.

Let me know what you thought guys and i will be posting some more very soon. 

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