Wednesday, 23 March 2011

How to clean your make up brushes.

Did you know your supposed to clean your makeup brushes at least once a week because of all the bacteria that builds upon them. 
It is really easy as well so dont worry . 

You will need 
Johnsons baby shampoo 
a pot or bowl
a towel 
hot water. 

I always see these gurus who use Mac brush cleaner or what have you and i just say what is the point.
The only brush cleaners worth buying are the ones that clean in a second.
Bare Escentuals has one that you literally spray the brush with and wipe it on a tissue. (these methods are good for makeup artists especially. ) 

I wanted to show you a way to do this that is much much cheaper. 
Why Johnsons baby shampoo ?
Because its gentle with the brushes hair. 

So lets get going !!

Get your bowl and fill it with hot water. 
I suggest placing it in the sink as it might get a little bit messy and saves you running over later on.

Get your makeup brushes and place a little bit of shampoo on each brush until it froths then place it in the bowl. Keep doing this to all your brushes. 
Make sure you really massaging this in , if you are concerned that it needs more cleaning then use an antibacterial liquid soap to get rid of any germs. 

Make sure once you have them all in you mix them around with the water and let them sit there for about 5 mins. 
The water should have bubbles , if its clean then you havent put enough on them. 

Then rinse out the water and pour some new one in and start massaging them , they dont have to be totally clean remember (at this stage).
Make sure you are really cleaning well any excess off the brush for about 1 minute.

Rinse out that water then one by one wash with clean tap water .
Continue to wash them until the water runs clean.

Then you must squeeze them really well and mould back into their original shape. 
If you dont mold them into shape it will cause problems in the future in the way your brush works.

Place them on towel , roll them all up in it. Then put on top or underneath radiator and your done.
I suggest doing these overnight so as soon as you wake up in the morning they will be dry. 

If you dont want to use that product then you can use a hand wash with an antibacterial property in it. 

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