Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Is Glad to announce ...

We are finally up and going again !!!
I would like to thank everyone for being so patient with my house move abroad.
I am officially living in Greece for anyone interested (from England i moved) 
So yes ... 
I dont want to promise you guys 2 blog posts a day like i did before because basically i spend the whole day decorating the new house and helping out and stuff. 
I do promise at least 1 blog post a day. 

Great thing is companies are starting to work with me which really means a wider range of choice for you guys to look at. 
May i add as well when i work with these companies it means i review their items , i am not payed to lie to you . 
My opinions are 100% honest  otherwise there would be no point in my blog. 

So yes i want you to understand the main reason i want to work with companies is so i have things to blog about and tell you about if i feel the need too.
Otherwise it would work out pretty expensive if i was buying 2 items a day to show you guys... 

At this point please do expect one post at least a day and i will eventually get it too 2 posts a day like before. 

Once again thank you <3 
Glitter me up xo

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