Thursday, 31 March 2011

Linzi's Yummy's Haul & First opinions...

Linzi's Yummy's is a company that specializes in hand made bath products , candles , wax tarts and so on...
I found this company on facebook and i really loved how her items looked like yummy's just the way her title says. 
They are all so cute , girly and smelly i really loved the look of them. 
So i got some samples from her company and did a little bit of research as well on what she provides and stuff and heres what i found...

Her website is very girly and i love the photos of her amazing creations cause they are like art to me ... i found though that i struggled with the website more (if i was buying this is) because i couldnt find the add to basket button and felt a bit jumbled up to be honest.

Facebook Website
See this is the crazy bit , her facebook page is sooooo much easier and i love it 100 % more and i prefer it 100% more . I loved the fact in general i can see what people write on her wall and how happy they are with their orders . I also find it helpful as i noticed when you comment the photos she tends to leave a message saying how many is left of the item. It also gave me a good sense of what is a favourite what has sold out and so on. I felt also there was a friendly community on her facebook where i think you find on a website you tend to miss out on all of these things. 

Contacting her
I find contacting her by email is much slower than facebook . Facebook is really good because you can also see other peoples queries being answered. Its a good way to see what customer service she provides ... Must i say it is fabulous!!!

Price range
They are very well priced , i would actually say underpriced :)

Final comments
What i really love about her company is that i find a sense of warmness and family feeling to it. I love how she tells people she is this mam who looks after her 5 kids whilst doing this company. Saying these personal things about yourself or should i say introducing yourself i think automatically brings the customers closer to you . I really felt this with her , she also makes you feel like you know each other. 
Such a friendly company , i really do wish the best for them :)

The items were well packaged in a box . 
I dont have any photos as i literally was moving that day and rushed to fit everything in my suitcase. 

First of all i got the Sweet Dreams Body Butter 50g
I love the packaging- it is really excellent .
I love the smell of this so far. 
You can also choose your own oil to add to this but im not sure which one she put me as i told her to suprise me . 

Next i got the White Chocolate Caramel Foaming body wash.
Again packaging gets full marks so far. 
The smell is something im not really sure if it is my taste :/
However i am not going to be judging it as a smell but as a foaming body wash - does it work?!

7x wax tarts 
I love the packaging for these but i felt sorry for the label it was crumbled , i think it would be nice maybe to get a smaller sticker just to give it the full points.
I loved the smells i think there was only one so far i wasnt fond off but they do seem to be yankee candle quality to me so far.
The literally smell like they are good quality wax . 
They were mostly shaped as hearts as well :).

I will be testing out these products and in the next couple of days letting you know what i thought of them . In the mean time if you would like to check out Linzi's Yummy's please check out the following links. She does do personalized items and hampers as well so do contact her and see if you can find a product that matches you!!



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  1. hiya hunni...thankyou..sorry I only just saw this, I have only just got the net back after re-locating :0) im sorry about the huge labels on the melts..I have been very limited in rented accomodation but am now back to working 100% and have my smaller labels back :0) I hope your well hun and I hope your move went well too :0) xx