Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Lipstick trouble ?!?

Lipstick trouble thats right !!!
I always wear lipstick and i think every girl should .
Most people i think tend to think that wearing lipstick means red colors or its very grandma ish to do so. 
I dont think it is .

Personally for me it adds volume to lips (especially if you use lighter shades)
And can give a natural color to a dramatic color. 
It doesnt mean your lips have to stand out just because your wearing lipstick but it does complete your look.

So when i was wearing my lipstick even though my lips are fully moisturized , i found i had a problem. 
As soon as i put it on it seemed to just become dull and dry. 
And then i found my solution ...

Here is how it goes...

You will need:
Cotton Buds 

1) Get your tub of Vaseline , NEVER put your finger in as this is going to turn it into a container for germs that you will keep re applying.
2)Get your cotton bud dip it in once getting approximately how much you will need to glide over your lips so i normally get about as much as the size of the cotton bud head. 
3)The whole point is the cotton bud is your lip balm applicator .
4)There should be a clump of vaseline now on your cotton bud gently wipe it on your lips (this will melt it) and turn the cotton bud at the same time (so it spreads evenly and is easier to apply)
5)Once evenly spreaded on cotton bud ,put it on all over your lips neither too heavy or light.
6)Get your lipstick and apply it on top & result . 
Shiny ,colorful yet healthy lips :) 

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