Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Makeup/Skincare Haul

So today i visited some of my favorite bargain stores to find some great items at low price. 
This my haul of what i bought .

Apart from the St Tropez these items were bought from the B&M stores. 
The St Tropez was bought from TK MAXX.

Ive noticed a lot of discount stores have started selling branded makeup and skincare products for less and even a pound at some stores.
Home Bargains are still selling the Girls Aloud eyelashes whose are the best as they are by the brand Eyelure.
Poundland have started selling Sally Hansen nail varnishes, Rimmel makeup and so on. 

I really wanted to show you what great items you can buy if you are on a lower budget. 
So above i have ..
Hair brush...79p
W7 lipglosses £1.50
Maybeline Mineral Foundation £2.50 
St Tropez £8.99 

I have saved over £20.00 on these products. 
I might be able to afford branded cosmetics but that doesnt mean if i know a shop is selling for up to 75% off im not going to go and get it from there. 
Because that would make me an idiot. 

Get going to these home bargain stores and i promise you wont regret it. 

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