Thursday, 31 March 2011

my body time out / environmental changes

Ever since i have moved houses as you all know , i have had to wait one week to get my hairdryer , my styling sprays, nail varnishes, creams and so on...
I would like to say that it has made a difference to my body...

My nails especially appear to be must stronger than usual, my skin on my body is not requesting as much body lotion. 
But i would only recommend this to for a week or two period because after that it will automatically go in off mode in my opinion and who can be bothered to start it going again and get it in its pattern. 

The other thing ive noticed on the down side is that my skin on my face has completely jumped out of pattern . 
Before i left the country my skin was actually getting better and my acne had calmed down and now all of a sudden it has broke out. 

When i did skin care at college it was actually one of the things we learnt that environmental changes cause changes in the skin. 

What i have found is that it breaks out and after a week it calms down .. but it makes perfect sense, i mean the environment were i am at has more nature whilst at the same produces bad oxygen due to a factory we have . 

My point i wanted to get across to you guys is ...
firstly it is very important that you always notice your skin and body pattern it is one of the quickest ways to know if something is going well or bad. 
secondly your body will alter when you alter locations so dont be shocked its just until it adapts. 

The best advice i can give to someone whose body is going through an 'out of pattern' phase is just be patient and see what happens . 
Try and give your body a break as well for it to become stronger as mentioned above. 

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