Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Nail Polish of the Week is OPI's ' Wing it ?'

What does this remind you of ??
I have had this with my nail varnishes for the past 6 month its from the Flutter collection . I only noticed the other day when i did my nails and stuck a few gems on how much it looks like watermelon,strawberry slush and strawberries. I fell in love.

This should have been in some sort of summer collection, i am sure it was misplaced. 

OPI is good im not going to into reviewing this because its just a polish of the week. However i will tell you when i bought this collection i found they were all really watery which i dont know why as its not like them :/ But anyway...

OPI can be bought from practically everywhere online 
www.lookfantastic.com (ships worldwide & sells them) 
no excuses !!!
They retail at around £9.99 but you can get minis which are cheaper. 

Tips - Try adding red gems or green to make the color more juicy .
may i just add as well the above picture was taken from google pictures the one at the top is my photo .

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