Friday, 18 March 2011

Palmers Cocoa Butter 5/5 & Cocoa Butter

It shocks me that ive only been using this product a month. 
Id purchased in the past but then switched over body creams. 
I was looking for a body cream that does something that benefits us womens curvy figures. In my case my legs...oh how i hate you.
Dont get me wrong im grateful i have a pair but its a bit hard not to want more from your body when you see these women walking around at summer time with perfect tanned ,slim, cellulite, stretch mark free legs. 
So anyway i did my research and found out that Cocoa Butter is the best for your skin.

It helps smooth marks.
It helps combat cellulite 
It helps stretch marks
It is good for dry skin
Which means its also a good moisturizer 
The scent is similar to chocolate (yum)
It can be found in many tanning lotions because of its tone

When i seen this information i went and bought a cocoa butter i knew i could trust and had heard mad reviews about. 
Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula.

The good thing with this is that its cheap and actually works, if i remember right it has been recommended by top fashion magazines.
It has Vitamin E as well which is excellent for healing skin, evening the tone of your skin and so on. 
Obviously if you were to buy the pure Cocoa Butter it would be even better because it wouldnt have as many chemicals in. It also has a long shelf life so theres another bonus. 

This is what i mean about this cream theres just no negatives. 
Anyway moving on to my review. 

The packaging is great for Palmers Cocoa Butter as long as you get the one that has the pump on as shown in my photos. 
I bought the one that you squeeze the butter out and its terrible. 
Your hands are sliding everywere on the bottle , the bottle is hard to to squeeze and so on. 
If you get the one with the pump though its so much better. 

The Cocoa butter itself is yellow looking and thick. 
It spreads quite thickly . 
I personally recommend working with smaller portions cause you need less than what you think you would. 
It smells like i should be on the beach ...well like cocoa butter. 
It makes my skin glow as well afterwards.

What it claims to do?!? personally i have seen a huge change in the appearance of my legs and my hips. 
The stretch marks appear to be slightly fading 
My legs look , i cant describe it but just so much nicer to look at.
This is really cheap and i recommend everyone tries it out or gets some other form of Cocoa Butter. 
£3-£6 is the price range.

I have found some other branded Cocoa butter which i will review and eventually tell you which is the best. 
Im just waiting to finish this bottle. 

If you are interested in another brand whilst your waiting for my review , i can tell you body shop has a range of cocoa butter that is supposed to be good. 
You can purchase Palmers range of products practically at every supermarket and beauty store. 


  1. Hiya hunni...your blog looks fab hun!! I thought I would comment on this as we were chatting about reviewing earlier..would you like a pot of my body butter? Its a yummy blend of organic unrefined cocoa & shea can have it scented in any of my uk cosmetic grade fragrances! I have several customers wandering aroung smelling of cherry cola! :0) xxx

  2. Thank you so much , ill email you :) xo