Sunday, 13 March 2011

Revlon Lipstick 3/5

Revlon Lipstick 002 Pout 

Available practically everywere in the UK 
In Greece however im still trying to track down where you can buy Revlon products from im sure a store sells them just dont know which one. Try online on Ebay for example that is guaranteed worldwide. 
America and else were im sure there are plenty of stores and online stores you know off. 
(if you have any trouble contact me and ill do some research for you )

I bought mine online from Superdrug and the picture did make it look brighter and i was quite worried when i got it. 
The picture on the website makes it out to be a really juicy pink is purple pink in real life . 
I was like omg what is that but dont be fooled when you put it on it goes on as a light dull pink. 
The price is good for what you get and the amount as well .

The product itself though i found isnt long lasting , revlon lipsticks do come in great colours and i will be buying another one again but it lost its 2 points for the long lasting side ... 
Its defos a lipstick you have to re apply and bad thing is this colour in particular when it fades off looks like an out of date pink . 
Dont get me wrong the look is nice as long as youre wearing it to its fullest . 

The lipstick has no smell (well apart from that lipstick one all have) and is very moisturized i would say but again does fade to a dry texture . 

Tips for this lipstick is that it defos needs a gloss and maybe a lipliner. 
The lipliner will create a second base for it keeping it more secure and the lipgloss will brighten it up in my opinion . 

Wether you get a shimmery lipgloss or a shame shade i really do not think you can wrong with it. 

Finally i would buy again but i would invest in a brighter colour and a gloss that matches it and i loved the container .

By the way guys sorry for the last 2 photos the quality is bad because when i was using flash the colour wasnt showing as true as it should so i had to use no flash.

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