Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Ruby and Millie Eye Shadow Brush 5/5

I bought this brush 3 years ago. 
I was simply looking for an eyeshadow brush and happened to pick this one up. 
I still use it and it is in perfect condition. 
I got a voucher from Boots for Ruby and Millie £5 and couldnt resist buying another one . (the one in the new package)
This brush costs around £7 .

It was the Winner of 2008 Instyle beauty awards.
The packaging says that the short brush handle is made from solid wood and the bristles are head made from premium quality of natural hair. 
In my opinion the hairs of the brush never fall out (which is a good sign) and they are really soft and easy to work with. 
I have used them with all type of eyeshadows apart from creamy and it is excellent !!

This is the only brush i have used from their range .
Again as i said , i have had it 3 years and im still going !!
The packaging is apparently supposed to be for storing the brush as it is a re sealable pouch however i just store myne in my brush holder so its up to you. 

I recommend this brush because everything about it is perfect. 
Please , if you ever get a Boots voucher for £5 for Ruby And Millie (as they are very frequent) keep it and contribute £3 towards it and i promise you will love it.

Ok so to show you the quality of the brush i did some swatches using this brush , here you can see how much product comes off and how it goes on.

The clinique palette is smashed because it was in my suitcase that got bad treatment. 
For anyone wondering the clinique eyeshadows are strawberry fudge duo , gold rush and daybreak.

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