Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Summer is coming and so is dieting

Dont you just love it when summer is coming ...
Dont you just hate it when you realise that means dieting.

Its that time of the year and if you havent started already this is the right time to get started to ensure you have a nice summer body . 

I have started today doing new things such as 
Drinking more water 
Looking after my skin even more 
Eating lots of fruit 
Cutting out the chocolate 

My tip is to look at what your eating for example i actually dont eat a lot i just eat lots of chocolate and dont exercise this is why i have that extra bit of fat hanging on me . 
This means adding more fruit to my diet cutting out the chocolate and exercising a lot mainly on my legs ;( 

The most hated parts on our body are the most painfull parts we have to work off ...
WHY ?!? 

This is my reminder to you guys out there ...
Get planning , exercising and dieting if you need to !!

1 comment:

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