Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Things to invest in now for summer.

Summer is only 2 months away and i bet you havent even started buying any summer must haves. 
I like buying them around now because they get pricier later on and they end up costing so much you wont be able to afford them all at once a week before the holidays. 

So i have brought you a list of important things you should start thinking about purchasing round about now. 
Lets get going !!!

Suncream for the face and for your body. 
If you want dark spots and wrinkles then dont wear it . I dont want to talk more about this subject as there is already so much awareness about it and you probably already know it. 

Face Tint.
If your like me you have a pale face, neck and you need to invest in one because your body is going to look out of place and it looks bad. 

You really need one its a good way to save you buying a new foundation for your darker sunkissed skin. It also highlights and shimmers your face when the sun is working :) .

Basket Hat .
It protects your head whilst at the same time its working this seasons hottest accessory.

Summer Time Nail Polish.
Something that will look really summery and can be worn with anything , i suggest Coral color. 

Flip flops.
This is one thing that people do wrong every year i bet you buy a new pair. 
It works out your spending more than splashing on a decent pair that will last you longer. 
Havainas are known for having the best flip flops.
I bought myne of ASOS for £15 in the sale and wore them for 3 months and they are still perfect. 

They are fashionable but at the same time they protect your eyes . Dont just by the cheap pairs by a pair that actually says it protects your eyes.

These for me are the most important things everything else is the normal you would get. Always make sure you are thinking about how harmful the rays are towards your whole body, you might not be able to see the results now but you will be able to see them in the future. 

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