Saturday, 19 March 2011

Think again when your washing your face

Who grabs whatever towel they can find and wipes their face on it ??
Who uses a face towel??
Do you store it right??
Do you let other people use it??
And my questions can go on.

So i admit last year i was using the same towel for my face and sharing it . 
It was basically whatever i found...
Until i read some tips with me having acne prone skin , i always research it but the last place you would think about is your towel.
I came across the fact that it said you should regularly change it ...hmmm

I noticed things that i was doing touching it with my hands then wiping it on my face and so on the bacteria was spreading and making my face even more oily .

So anyway let me share some tips with you, even if you dont have oily skin the bacteria will still break you out .

Buy 2 mini face towels 
You need to get yourself in a routine . What i do is when i am using one the other is in the washing machine getting cleaned as soon as its ready thats when i put the one i was currently using in the washing machine and use the clean one. (It works out every 3 days)

Choose white colored face towels
The white will help you distinguish any dirt and make you realize even more how much it needs cleaning, what you are putting on your face and its also a reminder ''I need cleaning''.

Where you store it
Obviously make sure you are storing it somewhere out of the way of other towels otherwise you might as well be sharing towels.  I hang my towel on a hook at the back of the bathroom door , out of the way of the towels and the dust. 

Dry your face
The correct way to drying your face is gently patting it dry. Your skin is very delicate and sensitive make sure your treating it well or it wont treat you. 

How you hold it 
Make sure you put your hands on one side (were the label is so you can remember) and use the other side always to pat your face. 

So these tips are all i can think of and if you think some of them are too extreme , well i agree with you but try them and you should notice a difference in your skins pattern. 

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