Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Update and Reminder

Just reminding everyone that tomorrow and Friday I will be traveling . 
So please if you are going to email me expect a reply in a couple of days due to the fact i will have no internet. 
I would just like to say as well that there will be in general more photos and tutorials as i had promised as now i will be in the comfort of my new home. 
Most importantly have all my stuff!!! 

My plan is tonight i am going to write a lot of blogs which from this point on these are the blogs to cover for my absence. 

Please do bare with me and i do apologize and i promise if i find a source that gives me internet i will be blogging. 
While i will be sitting around waiting for an internet connection , i will be planning many tutorials that i have in mind ready to upload!!!

Have a safe trip to me. 
Glittermeup xo
p.s im totally going to try and find you guys some airport bargains. 

1 comment:

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