Sunday, 13 March 2011


Ok so i just wanted to give an update on whats going on ...

I havent been blogging for a few days due to the fact i will soon be moving houses , once i move houses i will then start doing tutorials as well. 

I think its important as well that i mention that i am fluent in Greek and i will be moving to there so if there are any greek viewers feel free to email me in Greek.

I am still waiting for emails from you guys telling me what your looking for ,kind of advice etc 

My identity will be kept private, this is because i am a regular youtube watcher for beauty gurus we know off and i was suprised when i stumbled the other day across a guru forum that tears them apart and clearly doesnt know when to stop, that included posting photos of them and i dont know... anyway i dont want to be a part of that im here just to have fun and to share my opinions . 

Thank you so much for your patience !!! Glitter me up xo

1 comment:

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