Saturday, 19 March 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Ive got to admit i only found out about this brand's quality half a year ago.
I can tell you they have the best eyeshadows. 
If you need eyeshadows forget about MAC buy these if you see how pigmented you are , you will be shocked. 

Now they brought out this palette in summer i think its called the Naked palette. 
This palette contains all neutral shades . 
It was sold out the first time and it was brought out beggining of this month and it has sold out in a few shops again. 

Why is it so amazing ?!
Because it combines colors from day to night.
I am a neutral eyeshadow person and i have been trying to get my hands on this palette, im going to try in the airport again . 

You get free with it a eyeshadow primer potion and a brush/eyeliner (depends which set you get-the summer one or the just came out one)

12 eyeshadows
Mostly Gold,Brown, Peach, Grey colors.
Excellent for doing a one shadow day look and a smokey eye night time look. 

Theres not really much more i can say because i havent tried it out yet so ... keep a look out or if you want go and buy it.
My review should be coming very soon. 
It retails for around $44 so expect to pay about £30 for it 
You can get them everywere that has urban decay makeup.

All the above photos are not myne , the image has a logo on that says were they belong too. 

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