Monday, 21 March 2011

White Eyeliner - what its all about

White eyeliner is something you dont go out looking for but maybe you will after this post.
I think everyone should own one of these. 
For any of you who dont know i am actually a qualified beauty consultant.
Ive never worked for a company to do with this but i have read about it all my life and learned lots of tricks from people. 

This is actually a trick stolen from models. 
They put it on models to make them look energetic, refreshed and awake. 
It also can help make your eyes glow and make them look bigger. 

First of all lets look at the white eyeliner i have. 
Its by Rimmel it was around £3-£4

This is what it looks like as a pencil . 
I recommend you always have an eyeliner with a lid so no bacteria gets on it which then goes on your eyes.

This is what it looks like swatched on my hand. 

You get the point . 

Now moving on to how we use this . 
I have made the worst diagram in the world and i apologize in advance. 
This was the only way to show you. 

1) Is the point of the eye, known as the tear duct . 
This is the area you want to focus on if you want to brighten your eyes . 
You would apply eyeliner in the tear duct and maybe blend it in if its too harsh or simply leave it sharp .
An alternative to eyeliner is using a white shadow in the corner. 

2) Shows the waterline . This is were you want to line your eyes to create a bigger eye look . You can be wearing black eyeliner at the same time dont mix the different areas up. So the red line indicates were the white would go on your waterline and then the brown you can see underneath would represent the lower lid - where your black eyeliner would go.

I really hope this was useful ... If your still not sure about it then start using eyeshadow and youll notice the difference.
Alternatives is to use it as a highlighter and draw around your brows to give you a guide for were to pluck.

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