Saturday, 2 April 2011

Acne on your back

In a matter of days i have managed to break out on my back and top of my shoulders.
In my last blog i talked about following the pattern of your body-which comes to my next point.
My face is the only part that would ever break out as soon as i saw acne on my back i knew something wasnt going right.
In the matter of days and it still is all over me and i didnt know what it was until ...
Hair mask ...
How ??
What are hair masks known for ?!? providing lots and lots of moisture to our hair ,which equals oily substance which equals when i was washing my hair it was all going down on my back .

This was what caused me to break out and i have noticed ever since i have stopped using this over my back it has calmed down. 

My point is first of all always be careful how you are washing your hair because it is basically all dripping down towards your shoulders /back. 
Second of all if you do have acne on your back try for 2 weeks washing your hair out of the way of your back and see if a difference is made. 

I cant stress this enough its important to note changes of your body and note the products your using so in the event something happens you know were to point your finger at and start experimenting by taking away this product to see if this really is the cause. 

For anyone who does have acne on their back or similar places , i am going to try and make some herbal scrub/lotion to help soothe and calm the acne so be patient and it should be with you soon.Some regular tips as well because when i googled this problem i literally found nothing and had to find solutions myself. 

Remember guys dont let acne win you over !!

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