Saturday, 16 April 2011

China Glaze Nail Polish Review 4/5

I am an OPI fanatic for anyone who doesnt know and i will stick to being one by the looks of things. 
The difference with OPI and China Glaze is the brush width. OPI has a bigger brush (which i prefer) and China Glaze has a smaller one. 
So just to clarify that this was the only reason China Glaze lost a point of full marks for me. 

Yes , so anyway yesterday as you all know i went shopping and found a beauty parlour that sells China Glaze nail polishes. To be honest when i first heard about these nail polishes i thought they were going to be some cheap stuff hence the name 'China' which sounds really bad but you know China has a reputation for being cheap. I then heard about them later on through beauty gurus and Sally's and wanted to try them out. 

I have to admit the quality was better than OPI , i found that this nail varnish you can see in the photos had a sense of life to it , where as OPI goes on more dull. I was really suprised at the results from this nail polish, it needs 2x coats but hey which nail polish doesnt. 

I found it hard however trying to apply the colour as i noticed due to its small brush width it was leaving streaks rather than creating a flat foundation for me to work on top with. 

In general i would buy this nail polish brand again as i think the quality is the best you can get but if there was an OPI rack and a China Glaze rack i think i would still go for the OPI all because of the brush. Dont get me wrong its whatever suits you and your nail. So China Glaze if youre reading please give us a larger brush option!!

You can practically buy China Glaze everywhere , if you google it...
Or go to Sally's. 
It cost me here in Greece 11 euro and the code on the bottom is (as there is no sticker) 9J25A.

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