Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Coffee Scrub Review 5/5

So i thought i would do today a quick review on the fabulous coffee scrub by the Soap Shack . 

I got this sent to me from the Soap Shack and i absolutely loved it. 
Anything with caffeine in instantly helps cellulite and the appearance of skin etc. 

The label states how it is very messy but well worth it ... i totally agree with this comment . 
My bath tub was covered in coffee and i did smell of coffee afterwards however it is soooo worth it. 
My skin looked instantly much better, i only used it on my legs and lower stomach and i felt like they were left softer and to be honest i didnt mind the smell of coffee either . :)

I would 100% buy this product again , its so natural -the only ingredients it has is 2x types of oils (which dont smell strong) coffee and brown sugar. 
The packaging i loved !! I think even though its messy its probably the best kind of packaging she could have the scrub in. 

This is a quick review because i feel theres nothing else i can say , its so perfect and it is the best treatment for your skin with the best ingredients as well. 
I recommend this product to anyone who wants their skin to look better , feel softer , exfoliate any dead skin cells whilst help battle cellulite and help the blood circulation. 

You have nothing to lose please go buy this product from the Soap Shack . 
I have not seen any long term results because to see them i would have to try it for half a year at least...

I have talked about The Soap Shack before , i will link you to the blog post about the company in general and i will link you as well to her facebook page . If you message her on there you will be able to purchase the product!!

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