Saturday, 9 April 2011

For any of you who dont follow us on facebook...

Boo ! to me for not blogging as often as i promised...
The truth is i had 5 months to see my boyfriend and i finally saw him for 6 days and hes off again. 
This is why i havent been blogging as much. 

Update on whats going on within the next month ...
Linzy's Yummie's are all tested out so there will be separate reviews coming up of them ..
The Soap Shack is a new company that will be getting tested out and featured within the month im just waiting on the parcels!
I am going to aim to do one nail tutorial for this month, one hair tutorial and one makeup tutorial. 
There will be chit chat and tips in between .
Lots of more reviews on products i use that i love or hate!!
Some herbal remedies as well!! 

Yes so lots of things whilst at the mean time trying to search for a job which doesnt seem very likely but anyway. 

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Much love readers Glittermeup xo

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