Sunday, 17 April 2011

Giveaway beauty hamper !

                                                                 Hi there Guys !!
If you follow us on Facebook you should know that we recently reached 100 fans and to say thank you im holding a giveaway for as soon as we reach 200. 

Basically the quicker we reach 200 fans , the quicker someone wins . 
To improve your chances of winning follow us on Glitter me up blog and on Facebook!!

Once again the deadline is when we reach 200 fans on facebook.
The prize will be a hamper of goodies such as nail polishes ,makeup , hair stuff , accessories get the point. 

To enter you must have parental permission and you can live in any country - i dont mind posting. 

Just to recap...

Step 1 - Follow us on Facebook 
Step 2 - for an added bonus follow us on here.
Step 3 - Invite your friends on Facebook so we reach 200 fans quicker.
Step 4 - Be patient , the day we reach 200 there will be a winners name announced. 

This is a small thank you for all Glittermeup readers and once again thank you so much for getting us to 100. 

Glittermeup xo

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