Monday, 11 April 2011

Linzis Yummies Sweet Dreams Body Butter 50g 4/5

For anyone who doesnt know Linzi's Yummie's needs to go check out her stuff because its so girly and amazing you will fall in love!!!. 
If you browse through the posts ive wrote theres a one called Linzi's Yummie's Haul go check it out if you want to know more about the company. 

Anyway Linzi was very kind to send me this body butter which is an excellent moisturiser for your skin . It is scented with organic cocoa & shea butter which you all know i love once again for anyone who wants to know more about cocoa and its benefits i will link everything below. It also has sweet almond oil and a uk cosmetic fragrance oil as well. 

The packaging , i loveeeeee ... i really really like it. I love all of her packaging in general and her labels . She gets full marks for appearance. 
The only thing i found was the product itself was so hard to get out of the package , obviously this isnt Linzi's fault as it is a butter after all but if there was a way she could make it a softer butter i would really love that. 

The butter itself is hard and thick almost like a thick paste of butter however its not greasy which is a bonus!! Smells fresh however once i applied it to my skin i found that i smelt the oil flavoring she added rather than the butter itself. I think this really spoils the whole 'organic' effect of this butter. Im not going to lie all organic products tend to be boring and odorless. Where as hers was a girly body butter with a perfume scent. 
It made my skin feel polished and soft and i was really pleased with this product. 

The only thing i struggled with this product was the strong scent of the extra oil added now if you read my blog you know that things that smell too much cause me a headache so i didnt want to say this product smells too much based on me so i asked some of my friends to try it and tell me what they think. They all loved it and told me the extra perfume was really nice and they didnt think it smelt too much at all. 
So please go with your instinct if your the kind of person who doesnt like too much fragrance then go for the without oil option , if you love smelling good then choose one of the wide range of oils available. 

Would i recommend? 
Yes i would but as mentioned above if you like the smell to be discreet ask for the plain cocoa and shea itself . If you like the smelly things then choose from her scented oils. 

Would you buy again?
Yes of course i would , its organic and it has excellent benefits for my skin. Also Linzi's Yummie's is really well priced. 

What would you like to see her do with this product?
I would love to see her make a range of organic cocoa & shea things and sell them as a gift pack . (lip butters, body butters ,soap, showergels etc) 

If you could change one thing?
I would really like it if she had a scent meter like you know the way you get the spicy ones when you eat out well the same idea. Scent 1-4 and you choose   how much you want. 

What do you love?
Keep , keep the packaging and keep the cocoa and shea butter organic -it makes things more interesting and more friendly for the skin. 

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