Friday, 15 April 2011

My shopping haul today !!

It was a lovely day today luckily enough as i had lots of jobs to do involving iphone's and their micro sim business grrr anyway..
So i shopped around as well to buy a few things i was in need off and some extra things i wasnt (shhh!!) . 

So lets start off before i get chatting again.

Now i debated wether or not i should show you some new pj's i got and for the sake of women i finally decided i should. 
Truth is i know nothing about this label apart from the fact i was given a dressing gown by this label as a present. 
They come from a good multi store.
The brand is called Attractive (loungewear and homewear) 
Anyway it was 22.40 euro and i got it for 18.00 euro. 
Not much of a saving but the item itself is very underpriced they are very good quality. 
The pink and the image got me buying it , how cute.

Next i bought some new Converse as my old ones are covered in paint and sugar scrub ... dont ask how. 
There was no white in neither 2 stores i went to , there was only this color that was white but had a yellow tint to it and made it look like they were old - there just wasnt anything nice about that color.
55 euro i bought them for. 
Color black as its the only color after white that can be worn with anything. 
I love converse shoes for everyday wear theyre so cheap yet so good quality. 

Moving on to beauty things...
Omg i found China Glaze here in this small town , this beautician was selling them in her shop and this is how un famous they are here she said to me are you a professional and know these. I was like yes !!! No i lied , i said no im not but i know a lot about nails. Anyway 11 euro which i know back in England i can buy these for £6 but hey i live in Greece i have to start getting used to their prices. 
I have never tried China Glaze before so i will be reviewing this and doing a tutorial around it. 

Next i got Gabrini Multivitamin nail varnish , now this was only around 3 euro , i will never pay cheap for nail polish but when its decorative stuff such as plain glitter its totally worth it. The color in my opinion is the most important that it doesnt chip. 
They have a website link will be placed here... Gabrini

I bought some diamond strass for my nails to glue on. What a rip off , that little bag has only about 30 diamontes in and it cost 1 euro ... If you go on Ebay for 1 euro you can find 200 of these but anyway...
The brand of these is Assim..

Finally i got these wide tooth bobby pins by an italian brand called Rosy for 1,12 euro which is ok i guess. These always come handy if you want to pin your hair back. 

That was everything !!! 
I hope you enjoyed for anyone interested for the nail varnish colors , i will write them below.

Gabrini- 373
China Glaze - I dont know its has no sticker at the bottom i can give you the code though , 9J25A.

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